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Insider: Google unlocks Android updates for Huawei

Mountain View / Shenzhen (APA / Reuters) – According to corporate sources, Google's parent alphabet has shut down its business relationships with the Huawei networking equipment after the US government blacklisted the Chinese company. Concerned is the transfer of both components and programs, says a person familiar with the process on Sunday, the news agency Reuters.

Huawei, which also manufactures mobile phones, therefore receives no updates for the Android operating system. However, all programs with published source code (open source) are excluded from the actions.

According to the insider, next-generation Huawei mobile phones should not have access to the Gmail Gmail app and the Google Play store app platform. However, according to the source, details of the actions are discussed internally at Google.

On Friday, a Huawei spokesman said lawyers in the group are currently investigating the consequences of being a blacklisted company.

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