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"Infrastructure is the mother of modernization"

Vienna. Broadband expansion in Austria is sluggish in European comparison. The new broadband strategy plans to secure gigabit-capable connections across the country by 2030. These are many times more efficient than the "ultra-fast" Internet, the target of "Broadband Strategy 2020."

How exactly this should be achieved, Transport Minister Andreas Reichhardt presented on Wednesday. In addition, Klaus Pseiner, CEO of Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft, and Klaus Steinmaurer, telecommunications manager at Rundfunk und Telekom Regulierungs GmbH, participated. [5959003] Currently, according to the Department of Transport, 59 percent of homes have an ultra-fast landline connection, only 1

3 percent by 2030 striving to be gigabit. But "nationwide" does not mean that every single property gets its own direct broadband access, but that at least a corresponding high-performance mobile network is available. Steinmaurer expects to achieve the 2020 target "in good part". The goal for 2030 is ambitious. The greatest need for enlargement is in the states of Burgenland, Carinthia and Styria.

"Infrastructure is the modernization," Steinmauer said. A full coverage fiber optic infrastructure, which is necessary for the Gigabit Internet, is also needed for the future available 5G mobile technology. "5G will pull the glass out into the country." Said fifth generation is the more powerful and more complex successor to the well-known 4G.

According to federal estimates, the project requires between ten and twelve billion euros, so private investment is necessary. These must be attracted and promoted.

Of the broadband billions funded for 2020, much has already been spent: "In fact, there are already EUR 820 million out there," Pseiner said. 510 million went into almost 1000 completed or already running projects, the remaining money is in the call for tenders or is intended for projects that are about to start.

The amount of the financing results now available depends mainly on the frequency auctions in this and the following year. In addition, the remaining budget from 2020 can be used. Then it would be up to the next government, Reichhardt said, to decide if there was still a gap and additional funds would be provided.

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