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In short: Reset password management from Firefox

Some users of the Mozilla Firefox browser have not had access to their data and passwords stored in it since the browser was updated last week.

These users complain about Reddit or Firefox support forum Manufacturer Mozilla. The error is apparently caused by a bug in AVG's anti-virus software.

Affected by this is the latest version of Firefox 67.0.2, beta versions 68.0b9 and later and Night versions since June 7th. Here is a brief explanation of how to return to the information stored in the browser.

Cause of missing password is AVG

From the Mozilla support post and the related bug report, it is shown that the disappearance of access data and passwords depends on an erroneous function of the password protection for AVG. The software has damaged the file where the references are stored by Firefox Firefox.

Firefox can no longer read the stored data and users will no longer be able to access it. In addition, affected users may also have problems synchronizing their devices because they are repeatedly logged by the Firefox account. This should happen even if no data or password has been saved.

How To Restore Your Information

Meanwhile, AVG manufacturer has provided an update to its software that addresses the issue. Users who have not achieved the update can also import it manually.

After that, the password store can be restored: For this, only the damaged file logins.json.corrupt must be copied to the profile folder for Firefox and in Modified to logins.json .

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