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In-Flag Videos Don't Ever Live Political Career «DiePresse.com

Which one incriminating video must do to the end of a political career, clearly demonstrates that the move to that state-of-the-art cousin, says the Ilir Meta dispute in Albania: A camera arrested the chief of administration at Abmachungen for corrupt machinery. The recordings required in the media, were not reported as evidence.

Meta, which is said to be at its worst, hitherto demanded the video and publicity, is being questioned in the sequel. As an unmistakable secretary of affairs – besides both, Großparteien im Land – lost sight of a responsibility position. He becomes parliamentary president and says more than two years he is the state president of Albania.

The video combs Anfang 2011 ans Light. It is said that the honorary Minister of Foreign Affairs and Vizepremier, whose last party, Minister of Economic Affairs Dritan Prifti vorgibt, a definite firm, of which he has been offered with 700,000 euros, has been offered, has made the launch of a wash for a washing power plant. The privatization of the state-of-the-art company Albpetrol should be printed on the record of medium-sized media, including media damas on basic videos. Furthermore, one of the post-collaborators is gaining ground, gaining control over justice,

Pulling back before this

Im notoriously laid-out Albanian political climate, the video was unmistakable yet the Zorn of the masses. As protested demonstrators for damaging socialist opposition, the government building was stormed, four protestors were dismissed. Meticulous yet strategic backlog of politics and justice. Cursed hats promoted the State Prosecutor's Office for two years. When the Socialists 2013 sold out and spent that power, one coalition partner. Our chief Edi Rama griff on Meta and his party LSI back. The Alliance keeps up to date, and Meta back to square one of the states.

It made a big difference, that some of the disturbed papers are wrapped in the video and the medium-sized hats. That is why, at Meta, he wanted to find out that his party leader personally as Minister of Economic Affairs replaces hat and letter so governed by the government.


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