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Ibiza lawyer admits that cocaine finds in his apartment!

Vienna. Another blow to the Ibiza affair: During a house search, cocaine was found among the Viennese lawyer, who was the main culprit behind the video. The raid took place in August in the lawyer's private residence in Wien-Alsergrund. Investigators of SOKO Ibiza found two packages of cocaine. The finding was kept secret until now. So far, the wiener lawyer has been silent about the finding – until now. The suspected lawyer now confirmed to the "standard" that cocaine was actually secured by the officials. However, the amount is said to be "well below the relevant limit."

Attorney claims

The Ibiza lawyer, however, denies that the cocaine he owes belongs to him. According to his lawyer, he did not know that drugs were in his apartment. "Our client has proved the lawyer Vienna by certifying that he does not use drugs," his lawyer announced.

Against the Viennese lawyer, who is suspected to have contributed to the appearance of the Ibiza video, is currently due to the falsification of specially protected documents and the abuse of audio recording and listening devices. The presumption of innocence applies.

Lawyer publishes Ibiza video illegally

The Vienna Regional Court of Justice (OLG) has upheld the temporary ban issued by former FPÖ club chairman Johann Gudenus to the Viennese lawyer, who is considered the alleged sponsor of Ibiza video and this has already been stated. This also prohibits publishing the video or parts of it. The decision is not final, OLG allowed referral to the Supreme Court (OGH).

The Regional Court of Civil Procedure had granted Gudenu's request for a preliminary injunction. The lawyer was prohibited from transmitting the video in whole or in part or by reviewing or making available to other persons. He was also banned from making new pictures.

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Like the state court, the higher regional court also assumed that the accused lawyer had access to this video, it said in a press release on Tuesday. Because it violates the general privacy right to record, record and film without consent and make it available to third parties, the publication of the video is illegal.

The High Court also examined whether the publication of the entire video was covered by the fundamental right to freedom of information under Article 1

0 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), but concluded that the method of obtaining information was "particularly dishonest and in several ways "Be Illegal". The type of transmission was also "particularly appropriate" for violating the complainant's personal rights.

However, the publication of parts of the media video in May 2019 was not a subject of the decision. [19659002] Accusations against "Krone" moderator

The longtime girlfriend of one of the top criminals in the Ibiza thriller is now facing new charges: Katia Wagner, who moderates an online TV format weekly for "The Crown Zeitung", is charged before the court for possible involvement in the political intrigue against Heinz-Christian Strache. And none other than the Strache lawyer himself.

"J ag right everyone who says it. I have nothing to do with this thing, I knew nothing about this Ibiza video, "Katia Wagner said during a telephone conversation with AUSTRIA about the charges that had now surfaced. The TV presenter and columnist of" Krone "remained known to continue on the tabloid, although it became known after the Ibiza video was published that her long-time partner M. is one of the main obligations of this political thriller. The Viennese lawyer M. acknowledged this a little later. In the telephone conversation with AUSTRIA, Wagner also openly acknowledges that he continues to meet with the "Ibiza lawyer" M. "But only occasionally." now that the TV presenter had already attempted in 2015 to sell a Strache hair strand to convey. Allegedly, traces of drugs have been found in this hair The background at that time.

The background is a complaint Wagner had brought against Strache, as he said in a post that she had links with the video producer. Struche's lawyer now objected in response to the charges against Wagner.

The TV starlet comes with these new accusations also because of pressure because Katia Wagner has always denied her employer "krona", since 2017 more frequent contact with "Ibiza Lawyer" M. had. According to Wagner, for which the presumption of innocence applies, even made an answer.

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The Strache couple are now defending themselves against Katia Wagner.

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