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Huawei P40: dual boot with HarmonyOS and Android

Huawei will launch the new P40 next spring, the question of the operating system seems from the current point of view initially unclear. There are even rumors today that Huawie's P40 series will buy a dual-boot system, allowing the new devices to have Android and HarmonyOS on board at any time. We think these creative rumors are pretty unlikely and great nonsense for a number of reasons.

It is too complicated and HarmonyOS is not suitable for smartphones

Huawei introduced its P30 series in March this year and will cover a similar period to target P40 smartphones next year. Huawei would have five months to update its own HarmonyOS. From today's perspective, an incredibly unlikely story, as HarmonyOS has so far nothing to offer and Huawei is still a lot to blame for us in this regard.

Although the Chinese see their own HarmonyOS far ahead in the long run, the software is still little more than a verbal presentation. There is no Huawei operating system that would be suitable for smartphones. No user interface is ever displayed. By the way, EMUI is not a solution either. Huawei software switches to Android, but is not an independent user interface. Even our own core is not at a useful level today.

Dual-Boot is not for everyone

For dual-boot, so far, Huawei would only have a really useful operating system with Android and a completed HarmonyOS is not expected in the next half year. In addition, dual start is an interesting thing for technicians, but completely unsuitable for the mass market. Too complicated, too confusing. People want to turn on their smartphone, charge and use their usual apps. Dual-boot speaks completely to this simplicity.

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