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Harter Brexit could have serious consequences for Great Britain «kleinzeitung.at

Britain is poorly prepared for tough Brexit. This is stated in a report from the British Government. With a tough Brexit, there can be traffic jams in the ports. As a result, there may be too few medicines and foods in the UK for a while.

16:06, 12 September 2019


According to the report of the British government, gasoline can also be scarce. In addition, there may be strong protests in the UK.

Britain wants to leave the EU on 31 October. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants Brexit to happen on October 31 at least. He does not care if it will be a tough Brexit or an organized Brexit. Most MEPs in the British Parliament oppose a tough Brexit.

Explanation: Brexit

Brexit is a short name for the UK's exit from the EU. "Br" stands for Great Britain and "exit" is the English word for "exit."

Explanation: Hard Brexit and Orderly Brexit

Hard Brexit means that the UK leaves the EU without a contract. However, this can cause many difficulties for the UK and EU economies. Therefore, many politicians are afraid of a hard Brexit.

If the British Parliament is still in favor of the Brexit Treaty, there will be an orderly Brexit. Then there are fewer difficulties for the economy.

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