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Hamilton guilty, but starting position unchanged

(Motorsport-Total.com) – The judges in the Lewis Hamilton case are available. After the Spielberg qualification, the Mercedes driver had to respond to the trustees in two respects. The trustees cleared him of the charge of ignoring yellow flags, but Hamilton lost a lap time because he in turn exceeded the boundaries.

Lewis Hamilton

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton had to go to the race managers to be heard Zoom

The consequence: Hamilton remains online as the interrupted lap in Q3 ̵

1; his first in this qualifying section – was not his best. That’s exactly what Hamilton achieved in the second attempt when his Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas took off and yellow flags were displayed.

But why wasn’t Hamilton prosecuted? The judgment states: “The recordings on board show that yellow and green signals were displayed simultaneously and the driver could therefore see conflicting signals. Against this background, the commissioners decided to refrain from further action.”

Hamilton’s original statement

Hamilton said immediately after qualifying that he had not seen any yellow flags. Original audio: “I came around the corner, went on the gas and thought that maybe Valtteri had come a little far and reeved further ahead on the track. . “

Mercedes sports director Toto Wolff had already stated before the verdict that he could not identify any fault on his driver’s side in this scene because yellow had been covered due to the large amount of dust.

Photos: Lewis Hamilton, Austrian Grand Prix

“We looked at different onboard. You can’t see this light where he was. The next thing he saw was green,” Wolff said. The sports commissioners in Spielberg came to a similar conclusion.

Hamilton has received several starting penalties in Austria, most recently last year. By 2019, the trustees had closed him three places because Kimi Raikkonen was blocked. In 2017, changing gearboxes brought him five positions before the race.

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