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Hamburg: you put dead woman on the street – the neighbor saw everything! – Hamburg

Scary scenes in a Hamburg neighborhood …

A man has dumped a woman's body in a residential area in a residential area in Hamburg-Bramfeld on Monday night.

Police reported this early Monday morning. A neighbor had observed the action in the district of Bramfeld and the police were informed at 11 o'clock.

Since it was originally based on a murder crime, a large contingent of police, fire and state criminal agency (LKA) was active all night in the Hamburg district, said a police spokesman. At the site of the body, a 55-year-old was provisionally arrested. Several apartments have been checked. Residents of the apartments where the woman's body was apparently born were questioned.

The dead woman is a 50-year-old woman from Ghana.

Initial investigations revealed that the woman had been in an apartment in the house. A 37-year-old Nigerian was found in the apartment and was also currently being arrested. Both the suspicion against the 55-year-old and against the 37-year-old did not harden in the course.

The 55-year-old was released after identity verification on the spot, the 37-year-old was arrested on suspicion of unlawful arrest at the police station 36.

Police spokeswoman Evi Theodoridou told PICTURE: "A man has the late 50-year-old before being brought into the open and stored in front of the house. Time and cause of death are being investigated at the moment. "

The men claimed that they had simply taken the body out of the apartment because they did not want the long-suffering and now deceased woman lying there anymore! [1

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Photo: Marco Zitzow

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Police illuminate the scene with a large spotlight Photo: Marco Zitzow

Time, place and cause of death are still unclear. The body was taken to the Institute of Legal Medicine. According to the first results, there are no indications of third party debt.

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