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Hamburg Open: Alexander Zverev awarded Federico Delbonis

Alexander Zverev was awarded a second run by Nicolas Jarry for the second Runde der Hamburg Open. From there he falls on Monday, cousin for 3.30 pm, on Argentine Federico Delbonis. The game is transmitted live on Sky sports and via Sky Go in Live Stream – with our say in life sticker!

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18:13 Uhr

For this match …

… was our great site. We read until tomorrow.

8:12 Hour

Bilanz zwei

Severe had one biserly simpler to have in the end of the second, the Siege in the break took aberr with. The complaint was solid, and all Delbonis were ready. The angry soulmate. Under the Defensive Command

18:10 Uhr

Contestant Jubel …

… by Alexander Zverev. Neither is yes enough for the four-fold. Single Gustostuckerl were dennoch dabei.

18:08 Uhr

Delbonis – Zverev 4: 6, 6: 7 (2)

2: 5 Zverev separates the Rally with inside-out front for

2: 6 Frust-Fehler Delbonis

2: 7 Delbonis-Rückhand ins Netz

18:05 Uhr

Delbonis – Zverev 4: 6, 6: 6, 2: 4

0: 1 Delbonis stopped in Netz

0: 2 Stop-smash-combi sits

0: 3 Rear-hand-cross of Zverev

1: 3 Hand-held error Severe

2: 3 Delbonis enforces the Zverev -Fehler

2: 4 Return-Return Delbonis zu lang

18:01 Uhr

Delbonis – Zverev 4: 6, 6: 6

Delbonis passes by 0:30, advised well no good ask Punkte für Zverev. Re-Break to Zero

17:57 Uhr

Delbonis – Zverev 4: 6, 5: 6 (with Break)

Delbonis still 40:15 still having problems – will Zverev be in the defensive. Take the breakball with a charming volley. Break the Break with a Brother

17:51 Uhr

Delbonis – Revelation 4: 6, 5: 5

That Variation with the Enforcement – Sascha should think again. Souveräner Ausgleich

17:49 Uhr

Im morgigen Viertelfinale …

… wartet übrigens Filip Krajinovic. Also not unbeatable for the worse this lot.

17:47 Uhr

Delbonis – Zverev 4: 6, 5: 4 (on serve)

Crunch time – and Delbonis appeals to 0:30 a biserl. Three pointed points: Breakchance for Zverev. Delbonis mutes – and with the Volley to a stand. Do you want to know the Argentine?

17:42 Uhr

Delbonis – Zverev 4: 6, 4: 4

See then what is the most important view of becoming a member of Delbonis?

17:39 hrs

2013 has … […] … Delbonis shot in Hamburg a striking young Swiss: Roger Federer. Those names should be noticed.

17:38 Uhr

Delbonis – Zverev 4: 6, 4: 3 (on serve)

The Rückhand Return at 15:15 everyone has more Delbonis Freude's privilege; Vorhandreturn freuen.

17:34 Uhr

Delbonis – Zverev 4: 6, 3: 3

The so-called out-of-the-way null.

17:32 Uhr

The tribesmen in Hamburg …

… uncharted possesses: The treasures have been made

17:30 Uhr

Delbonis – Zverev 4: 6, 3: 2 (on serve)

Zverev erkämpft sigt 0:30, two Breakchancs gives yet another Spring handler of Delbonis. That backhandedly puts off the Comeback.

17:27 Uhr

Delbonis – Zverev 4: 6, 3: 1

If you say nothing, you can say nothing. Zverev to 15.

17:22 Uhr

Delbonis – Zverev 4: 6, 3: 0

Severe scabbard did not fly, but one material test must be left. A smaller sandworm guided in the game of the German

17:20 hr

Delbonis – Zverev 4: 6, 2: 0

Weather lighted problems in the worst shooter for Zverev. Breakchance still doppelsehler, the second one to celebrate Rückhand von Delbonis.

Delbonis – Zverev 4: 6, 1: 0 (on serve)

This is how the first transit started: problemlos für Federico Delbonis.

17 : 10 hrs

Annoyance as …

Zverev bei de Breakchancen said Gegners sorely strong: every fox has Sascha gone. So much so, that vengeance can take place with such effort as simple points.

17:08 Uhr

Delbonis – Zverev 4: 6

The blow through the midst simulates the Satzführung. One down, one to go

17:06 Uhr

Delbonis – Zverev 4: 5 (with Break), Status

Two fahler at 0:30, the audience reads from it. Even at the door of the shower at 15:40. Delbonis released Breakball Number, the second is Sascha souverän ab.

17:01 Uhr

In the Wechselpause …

… dürfen mal wieder Opus ran. It is noticed: Hamburg organizational party in Austrian hand.

17:00 Uhr

Delbonis – Zverev 4: 5 (with break)

Delbonis does not solve the duty case, so thank you no one else for a few minutes.

16:57 Uhr

Delbonis – Zverev 3: 5

Zverev holds das Tempo hoch, punktet gerne in the Vorhandseite von Delbonis. One Ass wie to 40: 0 nimmt you always like. No Problems.

16:52 Hour

Delbonis – Zverev 3: 4 (with break)

Quick and dirty von Delbonis till 40: 0. More than one point is lying tenfold. Please note no.

16:50 Uhr

Delbonis – Zverev 2: 4

Sascha has manifested himself openly after coming to the net. Quote to nothing bad – the lights fly into potentially 30: 0 is aber in netz. One spot works backwards.

16:47 hrs

The DTB …

… is sportingly prominent: Boris Becker and Davis-Cup chief Michael Kohlmann banned that party for their

16:45 Uhr

Delbonis – Zverev 2: 3 (with Break)

Nicht fell Gegenwehr von Zverev, Delbonis fails at the finish line

16:42 Uhr

Delbonis – Zverev 1: 3

More solidly, two axes – no comparison to Sascha's first impulse.

16:40 hrs

Federico Delbonis …

… gives a maneuver in the end orderly Nadal-Double ab: for all in front of hand and scar marker

16:38 hr

Delbonis – Zverev 1: 2 (with break)

Delbonis needs to carry breakball with a double shutter.

16:36 Uhr

Delbonis – Zverev 1: 1, Einstand

The position of Sascha fits – if it is, nah in the baseline. Two returnfehler come in all kindness not very nice daher. Then: First Breakchance, you want Delbonis to go back. Dritter Returnfehler

16:31 Uhr

Delbonis – Zverev 1: 1

Erster Doppelfehler von Zverev at 0:30. Gegen Jarry has never seen anything else. 0:40 still longer. Zverev happily squeezes out, at the bottom of the breakball the netband

16:27 Uhr

Delbonis – Zverev 1: 0 (on serve)

There are so many different Cross-Duels. At one left-hand side, a right-handed hand is impossible. Delbonis with a beautiful handwinner to win the game.

16:23 Uhr

That betrayal?

Zverev won the single game of Delbonis in Geneva 2019. Even hearts are sitting.

16:21 Hour

In the Box …

… there the German Number One Sits Naturally Naturally Alexander Zverev Sr. Did someone write "natural"? Ivan Lendl is not cousin since then.

16:18 Uhr

Zverev today we are in the …

… weiß-dunkelorange-Farbenen Combination. Vom Absorption Factor here in Ordnung

16:15 Uhr

Hamburg this Tage …

… is who Rest-Deutschland: summerlicher as thought. Then it comes to light that Alexander Zverev in Runde should not have the same Nicolas Jarry not allzusehr stretching.

16:04 Hour


Struggle can stop the break in the second satie, lose an eye im Tiebreak went to Pablo Carreno Busta. Pause, then with Sascha Zverev

15:28 Uhr


First Announcement of our site: Struff work done in a comeback, sign up, if you are with Sascha severity

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Alexander Zverev hated cousin even more than ever. "I just want to find myself here as someone else", gentle German tennis player number like last 6: 4, 6: 2-pointed Nicolas Jarry.

Gen. Federico Delbonis, Number 67 of the world, had to give Zverev mad ran in 2018 – in Geneva he won with 7: 5, 6: 7 (6) and 6: 3 and celebrated racing the tournament. Away to Hamburg

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