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Hamburg: Frauenleiche auf Gehsteig

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A 55-year-old should have a tote woman deposited on one alley (SYMBOL PHOTO).

A 55-year-old on Monday night put a tote woman in the middle of a hamburger residential area on a cobblestone street. According to police reports, witnesses observed the incident and alerted officials who were still arresting the man on the street. However, there is no indication of a breach by Bisher.

After initial findings, the 50-year-old with the 55-year-old and other men could have lived in an apartment in the house immediately in the apartment. According to police, the men said the woman had been seriously ill for a long time and eventually died. They would not have wanted the corpse more in the house.

Not a corpse would be punishable

Individuals to the death of the woman were cleared by an autopsy, first of all, according to the police, but no clues on foreign debt. The 55-year-old came again on the free foot after the staff meeting. In the apartment in the Bramfeld district, officials say another 37-year-old was arrested. Nor would he be suspicious of being responsible to the woman. However, there were roads of suspicion of illegal detention in Germany in Gewahrsam. The woman hails from Ghana, the men come from Nigeria.

According to a police spokesman, the departure of a corpse would not be punishable. The behavior was only morally questionable.

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