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Hacker knocks NASA network on cousin authorized Raspberry Pi

Those in charge around 500 MByte of data over the Mars mission. NASA's General Inspector will cover engraving safety guns. Under other circumstances, the attacks remain unnoticed by untrusted security reports for fixed one year.

The General Inspector of NASA publicly commissioned a hacker on the network of the World Wide Web. The case is due in April 2018. The unknown daughter has had around 500 MB of data on NASA's Mars mission. As a rule, one of the Raspberry Pi which has unauthorized access and security testing in the network is bound to be bound.

 Hacker (Image: Shutterstock) The 49-year-old message of the Inspector General was followed by the smallest computer connected to the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) network. The Raspberry Pi which utilizes the inverter, to jointly utilize the network gateway, and then to the end of the JPL network.

Thereby, the Hacker will soon find a chance to access the network, in the information about the JPL. Maltese Mars Mission was targeted. "There are about 500 MBytes in data from 23 files, of which two information on an international arms trade involving the Mission des Mars Science Laboratory," says the report. The Mars Science Laboratory is a program of the JPL, which manages Mars missions with the space probe Curiosity.

The JPL is a deepest line for the development and operation of robotic cars with the Curiosity Rover or even satellite powered, around the planets in our solar system. In addition, NASA is responsible for NASA's Deep Space Network (DSN), a global satellite exchange network, which overcomes communication with spacecraft. [1965900] Finally, the observations are also compromised by the DSN network. When unused, other NASA subscriptions hijacked their connections to JPL and DSN. All-in-one hatches prepared for the timeshare are fixed one year after the NASA network.

For the sake of excellence, the General Inspector is responsible for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. So have the basic security rule, said network subdivided into smaller smaller ranges, not populated. Zudem said the Information Technology Security Database did not update any of the IT related devices. In particular, the inventory list said that it was incomplete and error-free – under other circumstances, it was used as a single-purpose Raspberry Pi. The incident was discovered over a long period of time, so much so as to find out about known security issues encountered by that database over a longer period of time.

In December 2018, a US state citizen in the United States attacked Hackerangriffen on Cloud Provider, US-Marine and NASA. The last US Ministry of Justice will have to listen to a group of haunters that are known as APT10. It is clear, however, whether both are responsible for the recently reported attack.

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