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Google launches new social network

Google Plus is just history. However, the group does not want to give up social networks and pursue new plans.

Google can't do it without its own social network. When Google Plus closed in April and was labeled as unsuccessful, it is currently busy building a new network. The laces should be called and serve as a hyper-local network for people who want to find other people for common activities. Unlike known social networks that focus on growing relationships between people, Shoelace is focused on bringing new people together.

The laces are currently only available through the invitation and promise to help others get in touch, who has the same interests. This allows users to create an entry for an event that they participate in, or an activity they plan, and invite friends and strangers to join. Shoelace also suggests events that may suit users' interests based on past performance.

Memories of Old Google Project

Shoelace runs on Android and iOS and is currently only available in New York City. The Android App has apparently been removed from the Play Store, but according to The Next Web there is an installation file available online that can be downloaded from APK Mirror. It remains to be seen if and when Google continues to roll out this project for a new social network.

Android police colleagues also noticed something when they looked closely at Google's social network: One year after Google Plus was launched in 2012 Schemer – a hyper-local network that should also help people discover things in their area and plan excursions. The idea did not arise and after only two years the project was interrupted. Now Google is launching a second attempt under the name Shoelace.

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