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Google just adds a photo to the next flagship smartphone

After a video leak and information about the installed radar chip, Google backed to the wall – leaking everywhere! Instead of privacy now, the offensive is: The IT giant has shown uncertainty on Twitter even the first official photo on Pixel 4.

  Too many leaks to Pixel 4: Google just adds its own photo to the next flagship smartphone
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1; Pixel 3 XL.

Update from 12.06.2019, 21:00: Google uploaded a picture of Pixel 4 on Twitter and wrote nicely: "Well, because there seems to be some interest, here it is! Wait until you see what it is can do. "

Everything is not yet visible, but the square camera socket is clearly visible . Since the image is two excerpts from the back, a commentator has had problems combining them into a "complete view":

"Boy who escalated quickly," commented another user, using the famous meme with Ron Burgundy. Well, we can only agree with that statement.

Original article:

Video showing possible design of Google Pixel 4 (XL)

For the official presentation of Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4 XL, it will still take a few months, but gradually more details will come obvious. According to a new leak from Unbox Therapy, the dimensions and recesses for cameras on the front and back are now light. As a result, the Google Pixel 4 (XL) monitors will have approximately the same diagonal as their predecessors.

Overall, the appearance of the leakage of the iPhone XI. Only the square camera socket on the back you could have copied each other. Notch, so the cut for the front camera, should be surrounded by the Pixel 4 XL of a classic Bezel. However, what it looks like with the fingerprint sensor is still unclear. Google can rely on a purely optical solution.

More about the design of Google Pixel 4 (XL) in the video of Unbox Therapy:

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Google Pixel 4 (XL) with radarchipsolos

In times when the best smartphones hardly differ, manufacturers have to innovate to stand out from the audience. Google's pixel smartphones were and is the camera that often plays a leading role in the ranking and produces useful results in low light. According to Android Polis, Google Pixel 4 can add a truly unique sales proposal that the group has been working for four years.

Under "Project Soli" a chip has been developed that can trace movements of the user's hands extremely clean. The first application option in a smartphone is of course an operation without remembering. The phone can thus be controlled without having to write around the screen. If this can be more than just a good gimmick, the actual implementation determines in Pixel 4 (XL). In the code for Android Q, the next version of Android, there are already some features to guess, referring to the radarchipsoloses. For example, music can be played and stopped by hand. The chip can also be used to support the Google Stage game platform.

What more can we expect for Pixel 4 (XL) you can see here:

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Pixel 4 (XL): So smart can be the next generation of Google's smartphones.

As early as mid-May 2019, there was first evidence that Google could do without physical buttons on the next pixel phone. A touch sensitive frame made of aluminum on the right side of the smartphone can replace the volume flip. We know exactly what Google plans to do in October 2019 when the two smartphones are introduced.

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