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From smart laundry to the future of clothes Haier publishes his latest innovations to him Enriching the capacity of the Internet of clothing

Wuhan, China / PRNewswire / – Haier (600690: Shanghai) released their new products during the Haier 2019 laundry and fabric care industry's strategic launch event held today in Wuhan, China. 19659002] Are you ready for a future where your clothes interact with your devices: The Clothing Internet? A future where you don't have to worry anymore, if your favorite shirt comes in or where you have to fumble on small labels? Or iron your clothes! Get ready, for this future has come. Haier, the world's leading manufacturer of home appliances, has released its latest products for a world where our clothing is connected to the Internet.

The latest "connected" product line intended for IoC:

  • The washing machine "Qianhe": the world's first 601
    mm diameter ultrasonic device that converts water into micron particles that can penetrate the fabric upholstery to soften wrinkles, giving users An ironing experience can enjoy.
  • The washing machine "Yiren" The world's first washing machine without an outer drum was another wow factor at the event. The design of removing the outer drum and leaving the waterproof inner drum clears the problem of the "dirty drum" that plagues the world of traditional washing machines, eliminating the risk of dirt getting stuck in the dirt.
  • Casarte Fusion Wash & Care Machine designed for high-quality clothing offers a four-in-one solution for air washing, washing and heat pump drying for loads between 7 and 10 kg. The built-in sensor of the Casarte-Fusion washing and washing machine, which serves to provide proactive washing, activates the appliance when the user is approaching and automatically adjusts the procedures used in washing and drying according to the machine-known garments.
  • Leader 2 Washer has an AI Assisted Virtual Wash Assistant, which allows the machine to make recommendations on fabric care and laundry settings. In addition, the machine can also be used without an Internet connection, making it an independent, intelligent terminal. With its ultimate level of anti-mold and 3D shower wash technology, the machine prevents the growth of mold and bacteria, resulting in an absolute clean wash result.
  • U + App: is a mobile application developed for the washing machine that gives users access to information on water quality and temperature in the region. The machines can recognize the fabric and clothing brands, tailor wash solutions exactly to the user and the lining density and the detergent.

Concerning the introduction of the new products, the responsible business unit said: "Taking in real-life situations as our main source of innovation to increase Haier's industry breakthroughs, from building world-class washing machines to building an ecosystem of" smart laundry solutions " is a pioneering contribution to a clean and hygienic lifestyle for a new frontier in the industry. "

Connected Home Appliances for a Future of Smart Interaction

Lives in IOC's Time: During the Event, Haier Insights on how future homes would be integrated Appliances throughout the house can work. In his presentation of "Smart Balcony", Haier showed how units such as the independent washing machine and the drying point communicate with each other and automatically complete the washing and drying cycle.

Cleaning and care of shoes is another field that the company has been investigating. Haier presented the solutions "smart entryway" with a machine that applies the customized washing and care procedures on shoes of different types and patterns.

"We have shifted the focus from Haier washing machines away from their functionality to a management platform with which By putting together different resources on clothing brands and detergents, our products can give our users a total solution to wash, protect, store, put together clothes and

Haier sets With its "three in one" location combined with design, manufacturing and distribution, it continues to offer intelligent wash solutions to users and builds a solid foundation for its world-leading smart home ecosystem and brand portfolio. [19659002] About Haier

Haier Home Appliance is the world's leading household brand with an international market share of 10.5%, its brands include Haier, Casarte and Leader in China, GE Appliances in the United States, Fisher & Paykel in New Zeeland and AQUA in Japan Currently, Haier Home Appliance is moving from a traditional store more open to an open corporate platform, as it creates a really smart home ecosystem. At the same time, Haier is constantly improving the value of its products and services and providing network-based smart home experiences for customers around the world. For more information, visit: http://www.haier.net/en/

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