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From Monsanto: Bayer Chef: "Was cool and is good idea"

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<p class= Bayer hated the 63 billion dollar heavier Monsanto's release in the past June.

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The billionaire heavy-duty US-Saatutries Monsanto has brought Bayer into fierce Bredouille. Whether or not the deals etched billions and bonds of the same chemical group are being upheld, Bayer-chief Baumann denounces the purchase and does not think in return. waiting criticism. "The Monsanto cuff was a good idea", said the head of the agronomy and pharmaceuticals of the "Frankfurter Allgemeinen Sonntagszeitung" (FAS).

Bayer 59.45

Over the past few weeks, one backlog had a routing process on integrated creep risk of the glyphosate backbone roundup print on the manager. A San Francisco jury found that the product was a significant factor for the Lymphdrüse crab cancer of the 70-year-old Edwin Hardeman,

Stock price of Bayer on Talfahrt. a number of those cancellation questions have been clarified. Also, whether or not Monsanto is at risk of risk and how much of the potential damage could fall. The whisper in the big overseas chancel of a shoveled undergrowth was thrown through by. Ancient traditions cite calculable billion risks due to possible damages and amortization.

The stock price of Bayer, which was designed to cover a particular cap, was on Talfahrt: less than 12.5% ​​in the past week in Buche. As a result, more billions of euros were exchanged in exchange. The high rate of 140 euros dated from the year 2015, is rarely seen – up to 60 euros. Our one Millionaires a Sworn Jury in the first big Glyphosat process in late August were still more than 90 Euros. The complaints wagon in the USA were so ruled by the local authorities.

Up to the end of January Monsanto in the United States glyphosate contested complaint by etwa 11,200 complainants was sued. Bayer demonstrates the prosperity of a cancer risk of Monsanto's out-of-work careers and is invariably studying. The abstinence in the switcher following the blinds holds Baumann for strong overturning: "If at all, he thinks of insecurities, that bust tends to transmissions." the force of appeal – all the blessings are "mirrored very little in this case," said the Bayer chief. The Erger where Aktionäre verstehe are monkeys. Strictly dürfs das das Anleger kaum. On the main assembly end of April, the Bayer manager is facing harder criticism.

Thus, Christian Strenger, the Foundation Commissioner of the Governmental Commissioner Corporate Governance Code, highlighted the Monsanto Kauf's "Letter Magazine" as "The Greatest and Fastest Investigator of the Dax-History". Tightening up demnach, Baumann and saying good-bye to the relegation. Thoughts and a pullback show Baumann of: "The headland has the full backlash of the viewfinder."

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