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Fritz Wepper: Sudden death! His wife Angela died at the age of 76

According to BUNTE, Angela Wepper died early in the morning.

Fritz Weppers (77) Wife Angela Wepper (76) is dead. Wife of son-in-law Elmar Wepper (74) Anita confirmed BUNTE's sad message. As BUNTE learned from family circles, she had been in the clinic because of health problems and it didn't look dramatic at first. But it had come to brain bleeding at night and Angela Wepper had died in the morning early.

Additional information will follow!

  Fritz Wepper

Fritz Wepper
"The respect is within the boundaries"

# Metoo movement continues to keep the film industry in suspense – and not just. Even in Germany, cases of attacks on film sets are falling over and over again. One who went public in this country was "Heaven's sake" actress Nina Brandhoff. As another series in the series, Fritz Wepper, deals with the subject, he only tells us in an interview.

It was not until the beginning of December that the "Bild" newspaper reported on the dramatic state of Angela Wepper. Her scalp was 99.9 percent "too". "I lived with a Damocles sword over me. It was just before 12 o'clock," said the 75-year-old in the interview, revealing that she was near a stroke. Angela Wepper was driven immediately after a piece of cholesterol was discovered in the vein. "I've never smoked. Maybe it's genetic," she explained a few weeks ago, her illness.

One week after the operation she is said to have come home.

In the following video, you can see how you can support mourning Health shock when actor Fritz Wepper was transferred to an artificial coma after heart surgery. The following June he collapsed again on the golf course.

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