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Friedensnobelpreis: Greta Thunberg cares for "Fridays for Future" – Politics Ausland

US President Donald Trump (72) and the Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg (16) were jointly – more likely to appreciate their invisible cousin?

Both minds (albeit 302 more people and organizations) Friedensnobelpreis 2019 nominated! The Norwegian parliament-ordinated Freddy Andre Östvegard gab on Thursday, applauded Greta for the exclusion. The Hague and Professors Regarding Professionalism.

Really, the Norwegian Nobel Institute holds strict secrecy, again at the nominist list, aberrant some names worse than before. Whoever would make public the nomination of their predecessor – was in the case of Greta.

With this climate branch under the names "Fridays for Future" Thunberg started a "mass movement", which he made as an important Beitrag to Frieden, soft Östvegard, for the socialist line in the Norwegian Parliament. Together with two colleagues, Greta is ours. "If you want tuna, to stop the climate change, care is taken for creeping, conflicting and more refugees."

For a "big price" we were told "obscure and extremely obvious", soft Thunberg of swine Newspaper "Aftonbladet". Of course, this was called a "net" and "net". Also on their social media accounts, they say "thank you".

Thunberg continues to say the Summer of Friday to the Summer and demonstrates our Parliament in Stockholm for the fight against climate change. Following on from this picture, some of them had an international movement touching.

The "Fridays for Future" organizers were interviewed by Demos in more than 1

650 cities in 105 countries. Due to the time shift, the earliest customer areas in New Zealand began, one at Abschluss Anchorage in Alaska, about Honolulu on Hawaii and the ranks. In Germany, over 200 cities and cities will find protests.

Thunberg: "We were so long-winded at nuisance." Expected six welcome, the young demonstrators come in.

▶ ︎ In Germany, Austria and Switzerland This movement also benefits from 12,000 science support.

Eckart von Hirschhausen, Arzt and science journalist, together with Berlin's co-founder of the week, set up the "Scientists for Future" ordinance: "Have the job done To protect lifestyles and keep up with health conditions. The Climate Crisis is the biggest health hazard. Many thinking, one degree, two degrees, turning degrees, power is not covered. If you can, you can get a large one, or even 41 degrees or 43 degrees. The one is compatible with the living. The other cousin. "

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