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Fridays for Future: Tens of thousands demonstrate in New York – and in Kabul

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The activist Greta Thunberg celebrated tens of thousands of people in New York who worldwide climate demonstrations as "wave of change". "We are not just a couple of young people swinging school, or an adult who has not gone to work ̵

1; we are a wave of change. Together we are not staying," the 16-year-old said on Friday afternoon (local time) ) in Battery Park in southern Manhattan.

"If you belong to the small group of people who feel threatened, then you have bad news for you, that this is just the beginning. There will be changes ask if you like it or not. "

According to organizers, around 250,000 people came to the demonstration in New York, the mayor's office of the city spoke of around 60,000. This is not something that matters to New York, which the Metropole has already seen, but already has a large number of protests. The New Yorker debt management had announced a few days ago that it would apologize for all the mistakes in that day.

Demos from Australia to Afghanistan

Also in other cities of the United States, Washington, Boston or Portland were giving demonstrations. Previously, hundreds of thousands of people traveled the streets in various cities around the world. Calls called the youth movement Fridays for Future. Thunberg spoke of a "historic day". "This is the greatest climate strike in history and we should all be so proud of each other that we worked together. (A Minute Protocol on Climate Tags Read Here)

 Protest in Kabul: Clear Messages Under Strict Monitoring

Ebrahim Noroozi / DPA

Protest in Kabul: Clear messages under strict surveillance

In global demonstrations, global warming also affected youths in the almost daily of terror attacks in 1963 in the capital of Kabul in the capital of [19659]. , on the other hand: "No longer strives for our planet to die" and "Small hands can change the world." The demonstration train is protected by soldiers with rapid-fire guns.

The people in Kabul do not suffer only from constant terror with hundreds of dead and injured.This city is also plagued by Smog, mainly because of the r fell to Kohleöfen. Poor people also heat with plastic garbage. The dangerous fine dust exceeds the values ​​set by the World Health Organization for a variety of subjects.

In social media, the government is called to this, much more to the air pollution. "If we survive terrorist attacks, car bombs or gunshots from the rear, we will kill this air pollution," he said.

More emphasis on climate crisis

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