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FP's broad against ÖVP: tolls plan "huge mess"

By Manfred Mitterwachauer

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Innsbruck – National Political Council member Carmen Schimanek barely withdrew: "This is a huge mess." And Blue Secretary-General Christian Hafenecker accused ÖVP of a "pure election campaign". As reported, the OVP yesterday applied to the National Council for exemption from vignette. This is to free Kufstein and now four other regions of Vorarlberg, Salzburg and Upper Austria on parts of the vignette.

The catch here and the reason for the said blue excitement: the content is the OeVP application before the election is no longer voted. It depends on Parliament's rules. At least yesterday, ÖVP announced that it would submit a time issue for the last NR session on September 25. The actual application for exemption from vignette should therefore remain unresolved – and must therefore be re-introduced in the newly elected parliament on October 23, which was confirmed yesterday by the ÖVP club on TT request. The only back door: If the deadline is quite short and will convene an extra special session – well, then it can still go out. A scenario with many ifs and buts.

For Hafenecker, therefore, it is clear: "The OVP's initiative is no more than a village in Potemkin." In addition, "unthinkable". Because according to the Freedom Party, it is not about refugee refugees, but (especially in Kufstein) about people who wanted to bypass border controls there. And the application also contradicts the agreement that it will no longer make budget-related decisions before the election. But this is the dreaded loss of income for Asfinag.

Tyrol's SP Head of State Georg Dornauer also criticizes: "The ÖVP knows that their application can no longer be decided. It is doubly ambiguous." The content of the SPÖ after the election will set further initiatives for tolls.

Yesterday, in turn, yesterday afternoon attempted to increase the pressure on SPÖ and FPÖ. LH Günther Platter emphasized that the toll deviation was "secured" by December 15. Nachsatz: "If other parties agree."

For Transit Forum Manager Fritz Gurgiser, the planned exception flow for the VP application is the real evil: "Because it is now like a bazaar." The vignette was thus the "mouse note".

European legal expert Walter Obwexer, for his part, sees "legal uncertainty" where exemptions should be granted on routes that have not yet been opened (planned bypass bridges A7). In individual cases, this requires very precise justifications.

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