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Forest fire: Löscheinsatz in Hallstatt continues

Forest fire: Fire extinguishing at Hallstatt continues

HALLSTATT. After a forest fire broke out on Tuesday at Echernwand via ferrata in Hallstatt (Gmunden district), the extinguishing break continues on Wednesday.

Photo: fotokerschi.at/ FF Hallstatt

Five fire brigades are on their way again, supported by some helicopters. The fire had broken out as reported Tuesday at 9 o'clock in the morning. At first it was just a glowing living, but in the woods dried up by the heatwash the fire spread quickly.

Defense attempts from the ground must be stopped first because the danger was too large. With a total of six helicopters from the police, the federal army and Heli Austria, the forces were attacked by the flames. They drew water from Hallstatt and threw it over the fire. Hundreds of meters of the underground water pipeline was placed on Salzberg, Salzbergbahn was closed, and some houses under the wall were evacuated for safety reasons. Rockfall and sometimes falling burning trees threatened Wandfuß.

Until 20 o'clock was removed. Over 1

00 people were deployed by the volunteer fire department Hallstatt, Obertraun, St. Agatha and Scharnstein, mountain rescue Hallstatt, Gmunden Alps, Police and Army.

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