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For Huawei, it can continue

According to insiders, it is unlikely that the US Department of Commerce will tighten its business restrictions on Chinese network equipment Huawei at present. Accordingly, US companies may continue to supply certain components to Huawei for a limited time. A temporary general license that expires on Monday should be extended by 90 days, say people familiar with the plans.

However, these are just deliveries that help the group update their smartphone customers and keep their existing networks up and running. However, new manufacturing components are not allowed to purchase Huawei from US companies without additional license approvals.

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US President Donald Trump is involved in China's trade dispute against the world's largest network equipment supplier. Since May, the Chinese manufacturer has been on a blacklist after Trump declared a telecommunications emergency. This move is based on the suspicion that Huawei was able to spy on China and also built backdoors in 5G software at the government's request. The group has always rejected this.

Originally, Huawei was unmatched by the US ban. But for the first time, number two in the smartphone market has reduced sales and market shares. At the same time, Samsung and Xiaomi are favored.

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