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Five Floods on Matura: Controlling Ombudsperson – News

First checked teachers, now the Ombudsman checks! After the catastrophic results in the mathematics college – almost 20 percent of the students have a fiver, much more than in previous years – people's lawyer Peter Fichtenbauer (FPÖ) clashed the controversial Central Matura. According to Fichtenbauer, immediate action as Minister of Education Faßmann (ÖVP) should be questioned.

Pupil "Fails to Detach"

"Matura is about testing knowledge and not students with confusing questions and complex tasks to exterminate. Due to the extensive sharp criticism, I will take care of this issue and the circumstances of it The bad preparation and implementation of the mathematics of the year Zentralmatura goes to the bottom, says Fichtenbauer. The Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research is undergoing extensive review.

Strong criticism from all walks

Mathematics's bad results have been called critics on board ̵

1; both parents and teachers and education experts demand reforms.

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