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Fire in Linz apartment: Young woman climbed on the roof

A nearby tenant had alerted the fire brigade at 15.30 because there was a fire in a room on the first floor, Linz fire brigade reported.

Thick smoke came from the apartment, the stairwell was very smoky. So the young woman from the attic apartment had fled over the skylight above. She was recovered with a turntable and handed over to the rescue with suspected smoke poisoning, according to the fire brigade. Five residents had been able to leave the house via the stairwell, police reported. You were unharmed.

One respiratory protection team quickly mastered the flames, another searched the very smoky surrounding apartments, but there were none left. The cause of the fire was initially unclear. “The owner of the apartment where the fire started is currently on holiday,”

; police said.

The rescue services were able to extinguish the fire quickly.

Photo: Linz fire brigade


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