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Federal police call security alarms at all German airports – domestic policy

Federal police have now issued a warning to all 14 major German airports following the security message at Stuttgart Airport!

Background: Unknown people have "tracked the events in Stuttgart airport" and were recorded by video surveillance (BILD reported). Then, the federal federal police tightened their security measures in Stuttgart airport on Wednesday afternoon, where it had patrolled heavily armed police and civilians. The state police responded and increased their presence near the airport.

Roman Strohmayer (33), spokesman for Federal Police Directorate Stuttgart, said Wednesday evening on BILD demand:

"We have results that are not yet final. But: We have discovered spying attempts at Stuttgart airport and have been sharply tightened our security measures at the airport in cooperation with the state police. "

Now, however, the increase in warning: All 1

4 major German airports (including Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Leipzig, etc.) for whose security the federal police are responsible were sensitized according to BILD information!

On PICTURE demand, a spokesman for the federal police headquarters Potsdam confirmed:

"The forces at all airports in charge. The federal police are sensitized accordingly."

According to PIC information from the security circles while recordings of concerned persons have forwarded from video surveillance. However, the official confirmation was not available.

The spyware program may have a terrorist background, reports the German Press Office dpa.

The police are looking for four people in this regard, as DPA security circles have confirmed and previously reported Südwestrundfunk (SWR). Two of the requested were father and son and came from North Rhine-Westphalia. They had already noticed the French police last week when they took pictures of the terminal at Paris Airport Charles de Gaulle.

According to the SWR report, these were also the two men discovered at Stuttgart airport. They could therefore be identified with video recordings. The responsible police headquarters in Reutlingen did not want to comment on the report. The investigation leads the prosecutor Stuttgart, who did not comment on Thursday night on request.

According to BILD information, one of them – classified by security agencies in Germany as a threat – in the last week of a vehicle "

In response, many of the affected airports responded to their" visible "(police patrols ) and "invisible" (civilian stripes) security measures according to BILD information.

This means: as at Stuttgart's national airport is now also a strong armed federal police with protective vests, machine weapons, service pistols and helmets on patrol. In addition, the number of patrols and civilian stripes.

According to BILD, the information is also the federal anti-terrorist police, the BFE + special unit, used.

The security of regional airports is also increasing

The regional police Baden-Württemberg responded also, and ordered additional safeguards for the regional airports in their state

] In a press release from the responsible p ol Reitlingen's headquarters states: "After attempting to spy Stuttgart at the airport, security measures were also taken at the airports of Friedrichshafen, Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden and Mannheim. The police are based in particular on attendance and control measures. The forces carry the underwater gun with them and carry ballistic protective equipment. "

According to BILD information from security circles, security authorities have been informed of the monitoring attempt by analyzing video surveillance at Stuttgart airport. It appeared that several persons who, according to BILD information from security circuits," systematically spied out "the airport buildings and the surrounding area and acted "Conspiratory."

Security authorities take the possible threat situation very seriously and have it in consultation with the Ministry of Interior. In Stuttgart and the Federal Ministry, the necessary steps have been taken to secure Stuttgart airport.

However, because the exact background of the detected spying tests is still unclear, Reutling police headquarters tried to calm passengers in a press release: "These are a prudent caution. Such tips or incidents are there over and over again, especially at Christmas. Just after the terrible act in Strasbourg we must continue to be vigilant. "

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