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Farmer seeks wife: First scandal at RTL? These two candidates have a dark secret

Farmer seeks wife at RTL: Is it already the worst scandal because of a mystery? Henry's alpaca sister should have known Sabine before the RTL show.

  • Gerade erst started the new "Bauer sucht Frau" staff on RTL – for the 15th time.
  • The traditional Scheunenfest took place at up to 50 degrees and powerfully swept the peasants and all the women.
  • The first dispute was not over: two candidates have a secret at the RTL dome show with Inka Bause

Cologne ̵

1; The first Eklat at "Farmer Seeking Woman" with Inka Bause does not wait long for herself. While at the Scheunenfest in the worst sequence on Monday (October 14), one basket after the other hail, in some other places almost already conspired. At the center stands Alpaka breeder Henry (49), who should have known one of his selections before the RTL broadcast . Is he playing a nasty game with the other women?

Henry at "Farmer Seeks Woman" (RTL): The Ladies Are Not Happy About Sabine

Overall Four Ladys lud der Niedersache to Scheunenfest at "Farmer Seeking Woman "to get to know her closer acquaintances. But soon he arrives to find the unmut of three plaintiffs – in order to prepare Sabine before the RTL show known to the moderator Inka Bause and perhaps even close in heart. The hobby for special animals that both already share. While Henry specializes in alpaca, Sabine owns two Lamas.

Indeed, both of his lovers are prepared by a Facebook group for alpaca and llamas . According to their own statement, they had just escaped contact. According to the other applicants, a wonder. For Simone and Nicole goes a long way in defining one thing: "They did not only know on Facebook – but also mobile numbers were exchanged."

"Farmer is looking for Frau "mit Inka Bause – is scandal? Candidates Keep Mystery

So the first scandal scandal involved getting ready, for Alpaka-farmer Henry who could invite the first ladies to his court in Lower Saxony . The farmer himself completely understands the rumble and does not care – it said "bottom rail" that he "has the girls so uplifted". According to both, both "Bauer seeks woman" would become part of a hobby only . "Then I never thought about it again," Henry explains. Things about relationships or children have never been discussed in the conversation. According to his defense, contact was only superficial .

As Sabine sees the "Farmer Seeking Woman" call from Henry im TV she had "already awakened", explained them in a short statement. Quickly, she noticed that it was about the man from the Facebook group. Instead, she wrote in here – and wanted to get to know someone without RTL and TV clutter and Inca Bause. But Henry winked at his application to "Farmer Seeking Woman" he did not want to return. The Secret of the Candidates : Shortly before the show, the two of them wanted to get in touch as well, before they became heavily involved. "We had a devil contact with me," Simone explains. "This is just a setting thing and a character thing – one has character or nothing ." Hard words from the contributors.

Inca Bause: Modernity in the network as well in RTL format "Farmer seeks woman" [19659007] Also Moderatorin Inka Bause had a clear opinion on the subject and tried to expedite it. "Of course, in the last 15 years, farmers have become increasingly modern, more and more on the Internet, more with Facebook, Insta – everywhere ," says the RTL Moderatorin . "And of course, you know women who are women, too." In other places, your modernity would be missing – why Inca Bause in her ancestor speaks to "Farmer Seeking Woman" About Homosexuality, reports extratipp.com *. Meanwhile, a candidate of this year's staff has made a sad confession about his past.

"Farmer seeks wife" to Scheunenfest – only when Sabine went to Henry with Lower Saxony

Finally, Henry was equal but the other three were women ihn thinking. The breeders decide little after the Scheunenfest surprisingly for Sabine who must visit ihn and his alpakas at his trial court. And even the bank employees from Vienna are aware of and blame for the affair in the affair, everything is supposed to have been done.

But not only in this accusation does the RTL viewers employ. The start of the season was marked by clumsy behavior and embarrassing flirting. Who loves the first sequel of "Farmer Seeking Woman" with Inka Bause, reports extratipp.com *

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