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Fan shower halo developer with pizzas

Following the announcement of Halo: Master Chief Collection for PC, developers are overwhelmed with presents.

This week, 343 Industries announced Halo: The Chief Chief Collection

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, The joy of the fans is so great that they shower the development studio with gifts. In particular, pizza from local delivery services has landed in harsh quantities on the company's premises in recent days. As many as the developer now ask their fans not to send food anymore, because the staff could not eat so many pizzas and they do not want to throw them away.

The background for the spread pizza deliveries is a Reddit post where Reddit users thewombinthesky promised 343-Industries employee a pizza that is the first to announce the PC implementation of the Halo Collection. When the official announcement came this week, the Reddit user – and many more enthusiastic fans – broke the promise. At Twitter, the studio thanks thank you for the support and publishes many

Pictures of Pizza Delivery

No more pizzas to send because the staff does not want to waste food.

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