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Ex-SP Chancellor Kern recommends Kurz's dismissal

"He would do the same for me and the right way for a new beginning," he said in an interview with the German newspaper "Welt."

SPÖ, NEOS and Greens would have won the election "for the first time since 1979 Opportunity to get a majority in the National Council," says Kern. The former SPÖ leader here probably means a majority without ÖVP's participation. The year more than 50 percent in a parliamentary election.

The fact that Pamela Rendi-Wagner is the right person at SPÖ's head is Kernen "ready." A judge's debate now before the election would be "more than crazy". early he did not apply: "My departure was preceded by a series of personal considerations."

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"Cutting door and gate open"

ÖVP had opened the door to the right radicals and the obscurants with the coalition with the Freedom Party. In some other civilized country this would have failed after only three months, Kern was convinced: "Right populism is in mpotent when it is in the government, it usually takes itself. Unfortunately, it always causes harm. "

Kern was also addressed allegedly incriminating material against him and Kurz, of which the now retired FPÖ manager Heinz-Christian Strache would talk about the video." All I know is that Strache says I was black and white in South Africa, in Cape Town, and it's just so stupid that I can't think of anything more, "he said.











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