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Eversports with 5 million euros fresh capital from 8 investors

  Part of Eversport's team together with founder Hanno Lippitsch

(c) Eversports – Part of Eversport's team together with founder Hanno Lippitsch

The new money should create 40 jobs and market management within DACH Rooms to be expanded. Eversports offers on its platform a selection of more than 100 sports and 30,000 sports facilities for sports enthusiasts.

Eversports offers software management solutions in addition to sports facilities and sports facilities in the sports market. The company was founded in 201

3 by former professional volleyball player Hanno Lippitsch. The company is so successful that five million more capital will be invested after two investment rounds 2015 and 2017.

Lead Investor is the Czech Venture Capital Fund. The unions that invest not only in the energy sector. The Doctoral Documentation Platform, Docplanner, includes. Co-investors are Market One Capital & Russmedia. The former investors Point Nine, RTA Ventures and Gerbig Ventures remain on board. The purpose of the financing round is to further improve the software for studios and sports facilities and strengthen market leadership within the DACH area. Pavel Mucha, Partner at Enern, says: "We are convinced that Eversports has the best products in the market for sports vendors and athletes and will be a groundbreaking company in this industry."

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Eversports has alone been able to triple the number of users and partners in the past 12 months. In recent months, approximately 130,000 sports activities worth 2 million euros per month have been booked via Eversports. More than 1,000 partners from more than 100 sports in four countries are connected. A total of 200 000 athletes have already booked an activity via Eversports.

The team doubled in 4 places

With new capital, the team will increase by 40 employees. In particular, you will see the marketing and sales team as well as program developers in Vienna, Munich, Berlin and Cologne.

In sports sports on Eversports in addition to tennis, football, squash or badminton, there are also yoga, crossfit boxes, pilates, jumping, bowling and pole dancing. About Eversports you can book courses, trainers and courses, but also apply for teammates. Eversport's software solutions for site operators serve the administration and comply with the current rules on cash registers and DSGVO.

Basic and Sports Career

Hanno Lippitsch was a volleyball contender for many years before switching to entrepreneurship and after travel to start and As Ventures was founded since 2013 Eversport (then without s). In his time as an athlete, he has played in his national team, for HotVolleys in the Champions League or in Serie A in Italy. One year after the year, 2014 saw the merger with Sportle.me. The then competing start was trying on a similar business model.

Previous Investment Runs

In 2015, the Viennese company was able to raise money for the first time – 116,000 euros as a seed investment through American accelerator Techstars. In 2016, followed by another investment round at this time already 800,000 euros. The round is supported by investors Marcel Beemsterboer and Point Nine Capital. In addition, aboard was a. RTAventures VC, Christian Reber and Louis Pfitzner. The round came as a result of a three-month stay at Techstars the year before. Eversports was then the only Austrian start in the famous program.

In summer 2017 more than 2.2 million euros will be collected. The money was then raised by a convertible loan from Point Nine, Gerbig Ventures, RTAventures VC and Marcin Kurek, and a loan from the State Development Bank Austria Wirtschaftsservice. This has given Eversports a total of over 8 million euros in capital.

Acquisition of Gatherer, Sprenger & 11Playmaker

With its software, Eversport's sports facilities help operators reduce their administrative burdens significantly. In 2016 Eversports took over the Austrian company Gatherer, whose software integrates diaries into existing apps and websites. Also in 2016, the acquisition of Sprenger Software and 11Playmaker was announced. Sprenger was then as Eversports specialized in leisure and sports facilities, 11 Spielmacher an app for leisure football players.

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