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European election campaign: "I think Europeans have a great heritage for refugees"

Abroad European election campaign

"I think Europeans have a great heritage for refugees"

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Margrethe Vestager und Manfred Debating Debate in the European Parliament


At the debate candidates in the European Parliament finally voted in the election camp. The Danish Soviet Union of Liberals on the highest EU county set fine disadvantages against the devastating EU-Jargon and Laws, which sin.

E s was an Höhepunkt in a much harder and more prolonged EU election campaign. Neutend Minutes, six excitement candidates debated from the far right to the very left in their minds Wednesday night in the Brussels European Parliament on their representations of Europe. The following are the favorites for the next EU Commissioner: The Conservative Manfred Weber (EVP), Social Democrat Frans Timmermans (PSE) and the Liberal Margrethe Vestager (ALDE). More dogs were visited. They celebrate their candidates frantically. Eventually there was mood in the European championship campaign.

It was not a case of out-of-the-box statements in two-minute tacks with the brave "Duels" in the final Fernsehen at the end of the Bundestags election camp. The six candidates from Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Czech Republic and the Netherlands were fiercely opposed to the climate, social and migration policies. So-called single-chip cards allowed the candidates, "to each other to return".

"I am leading that rage"

Both climate protection ruled Weber and Carpenter's multi-engineer. "Cleaner and worker should not tell the loser at climate protection. There must be respect for everyone, "Weber softly. “It's always worse, if we want tuna. Then the poor Leute dran glauben ", Timmermans contended. "You are going longer, the more the tourists are. I am the leader of the protest, ”said Vice-President of the EU Commission. Weber: "The good works of Frans Timmermans, monkeys are useful." a CO2 support for all businesses, Weber provided a compulsory copy on the climate-friendly system of cooling dioxide ab. Then Nico Cue scales from the European links. He attacked Weber: "I find it unforgettable, if you solicit cause". The Belgian Cue concrete, the Schließung von Hochöfen in Wallonia in Belgium, did so much to say that in Asia, more carbon dioxide emissions were produced than in Europe. "This is the truth," he ruled Weber.

Weber und Timmermans leicht indpannt

The Green politician Should Cellar from Germany warned the CSU politician Weber that his fraction in the EU parliament so much could ever improve climate protection if: "We must protect the planets “So Keller. The liberal law-making commissarin Vestager from Denmark softened the obsolete Gemüter: "Here is no real party policy. The climate change is so important that you can only work for your party. ”Then Vestager and Weber wandered:" You can also say climate protection as a chance. "They are bothering, with support from European funds investing in a high-end facility.

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One ready spot seeker is not available at this duel. All candidates were ready to go, arguing over some clear, personal touches. In the meantime, there was an insider in temperament and retirement: the Nico Cue lineage and the Czech Nationalist Jan Zahradil (European Conservative and Reform – EKR) were intentionally disturbed, cellar reasoned and fresher, Weber and carpenters were obviously well known, most of whom were fair. A vestibule?

Simple Sitting, Those Sins

You were the most eager one. No Wunder: The Dänin is the Pop Star of the European Commission. You have success. It provides Internet giants Google & Co. for years that steal, fight for fair law in Europe, hit billions of euros in budget for EU households, and its roots are the idea of ​​Bundeswirtschaftsminister Peter Altmaier (CDU) on European economic championships and changes in EU law on labor law simply. Every time you call ihr ab.

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 Margrethe Vestager

Or was Vestager also so locker, would its glaze, cousin fall to death in this evening? During Weber and Carpenter's case, a lesson campaign on the descendants of the Commission presidents is lying, Vestagers chances are low. The power free. Und Vestager has Charisma. She said simple things that they did. Doing so doesn't say that, as you can see from any building case for fighters. You really are. An attempt: "If one wants to change, one must also change one at all." Or: "Europe is the best place to live today – especially as a woman." Under: "I think that Europeans are a great gentleman. for fugitives have. Vestager endorsed a common European asylum system under the theme Migration Policy, which is blocked by several member states from subsidiary sources. The Nationalist Zahradil lehnte das ab. "The Fehler the right EU Commission does not respond. The Kluft swapping East and West has left behind. The rights of the Member States must be protected. Have fun with crime and crime. ”

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Also on Theme Migration, the mood bought sea weather. Carpenters and Weber propose a ratio to the African continent. There is a need for a comprehensive plan for Africa, such as Carpenters. Weber demanded a quick 10,000 border switch – a plan, the cousin of Bundesinister Horst Seehofer (CSU) claims to hat. Cellar contemplated the Europeans who favor migrants from their stubbornly found abstention policies. "We stand for European solidarity", soft. You demanded a fair disposition of refugees. "It is unacceptable that people are drinking in the middle lake. For when a notorious person is abolished, no one responds responsible. ”

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