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Ernst August von Hannover: Guelph Prince has cancer

Concussion diagnosis for Welf Prince! Doctors struggle for their life after tumor surgery. How Caroline helps him now.

Prince Ernst August (64) is a fighter. He has already survived the most serious diseases such as life-threatening pancreatic inflammation and recently escaped death when he had to undergo emergency surgery for outbreaks of a duodenum (see pictures of his discharge from the clinic below) . Now, Prince Caroline's husband (62) is fighting with his toughest fight: Guelph Prince has cancer.

A malignant tumor was detected in the neck area. His doctor diagnosed the shock after the prince had been treated for various diseases in recent months. Because the general state of health is not good, doctors looked for a mild surgical method and chose so-called cryotherapy, where tumors are frozen and killed.

The procedure is said to have been successful. As "Handelsblatt" writes, cure for cancer is good. Princess Caroline asked for BUNTE information about the condition and is deeply concerned about her husband.

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