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Düsseldorf / North Rhine-Westphalia: Golden BMW towed – this star owns the protocol basket

Everything but shiny, the police in Düsseldorf found an SUV. BMW is not only a tuning fan, but is already known on the web.

Update of October 15, 2019, 19:45: Now that the police in Düsseldorf pulled a golden BMW out of circulation Clearly who the owner of the protz car is. As the image reports, the car belongs to an Albanian music label and was already the star of the music video for the Albanian gangster rap star Stresi (32).

The driver of BMW, 30- Jahre Berat tells Picture that his car has been on the road for about two years for the Albanian music brand "Gjoni Black Entertainment". He goes on to say: "So far there has never been a problem with the police." The police had pulled the tuned car out of traffic, fearing that the car could shine too much in the sunshine and dazzle other road users. [1

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In a report, however, other defects were found on the car. Among other things, the film was too dark on the taillights, as well as on various accessories and the hood. "Every single defect would have taken itself, which led to the termination of the operating license," says a police spokesman in the opposite image However, Berat believes his BMW is okay. Finally, the car was canceled by a specialist company.

Düsseldorf: Police pull golden BMW from traffic

First report of October 14, 2019
Düsseldorf – With an unusual argument, the police in Düsseldorf have moved gold colored cars to traffic. The car coated with golden foil may be too bright for the road, a police spokesman said on Monday. Officials had labeled the SUV on Sunday during a check against so-called autoposes near Königsallee.

Golden SUV police activates assessor

An assessor is now clarifying whether the golden foil can have a "dazzling effect" that traffic threatened, as the police spokesman said. In addition, any possible manipulation of the exhaust and tail light has been found on the car. The car was secured, the 30-year-old driver had to continue on his way on foot.

Video: Goldner SUV towed

Munich SUV driver is on what tz.de * reported: Again, the terrain in the urban area has been covered with anonymous nicknames.

Tuning Trend: Golden Car

The trend towards the golden car is enjoying an increasing popularity in the tuning scene. But fun has its price. A complete gilding can cost several thousand euros. If the customer wants to use real gold, he has to dig deeper. But regardless of whether

Goldener SUV: It says the road traffic regulations

In principle it is not explicitly forbidden in Germany to gild their car. A look at the law book but worth it. Point 1 of the Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) refers to certain basic rules. As mentioned in the first two paragraphs:

  1. Participation in road traffic requires constant caution and mutual consideration.
  2. Those who participate in the traffic have acted in such a way that no one else is at risk threatened or more than inevitable, hindered or harassed by the circumstances

Tuning Extreme: How an Car Turns to Gold

"Adventure Life" shows in the video how a tuning fan turns out to be a long-awaited dream fulfilled. The tuners Ralf and Sven receive a special order: They will gild an Audi. This is only possible with hundreds of discs of gold leaf. But when almost everything is done, the two discover a problem that throws them back after weeks.


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