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Dragon Age 4: Next loss

After Anthem, manufacturer Ben Irving Fernando Melo leads BioWare. Melo most recently served as Lead Producer for the upcoming Dragon Age game.

A few days ago Ben Irving posted on Twitter that he is leaving BioWare after 8 years . He wants to move on and take new opportunities in another company. He was part of a Texas office, the office responsible for major MMORPGs like Star Wars: Old Republic. Anthem team decreased .

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Anthem: All districts, landmarks and hidden places – locations in the video.

Dragon Age leader Fernando Melo is now following and his team has suffered a huge loss. Work on Dragon Age 4 continues . The fourth part of the game series is a role-play announced at the end of 2018. Originally, the game would be a kind of Heist role-play with a lot of interaction with the world, but now it would be more service game .

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Fernando Melo Has already 12 years with BioWare and was responsible for titles like Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2. From 2015 he worked on Mass Effect: Andromeda, before becoming the lead producer of the new Dragon Age game, codenamed Morrison.

" Today is my last day on BioWare. After 12 years … there are many feelings. 🙂 Tonight I could immortalize my name in a local pub. In addition to other incredible colleagues in recent years and it reminded me strongly of people who are no longer here and whom I miss very much. "

On Twitter, Melo announced his decision. It would be time to break up and explore the next chapter of his career . He looks forward to the future of Dragon Age and looks forward to playing the title as a fan in the future. Looking forward to the latest episode of Dragon Age? Write us in the comments.

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