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Dovizioso would have stopped at Rossi's place long ago

(Motorsport-Total.com) – There is hardly a Grand Prix weekend this season when Valentino Rossi does not talk about his age. In February, the Yamaha rider cracked the 40th questions about how he feels about his fitness, what it feels like to ride against much younger colleagues and still be on the podium of his age is ubiquitous.

<img src = "https://www.motorsport-total.com/img/2019/190423/274517_w620_h500.jpg?ts=1556025430" alt = "Andrea Andreas Dovizioso is seven years younger than Valentino Rossi Zoom

That he is anything but tired, Rossi has already shown impressive in the early season, in Argentina and Austin he succeeded at least a second place, he is the oldest driver since Jack Ahearn in 1

966, who could withdraw a back -to-back podium in the premiere class. In the championship table, the "doctor" climbed to second place after three races.

FIFA World Cup leader Andrea Dovizioso lacks only three points. Despite his admiration for Rossi, the Ducati rider cannot imagine such a long career in MotoGP for himself. "I don't think I'm going so far because it's not my idea to be in the MotoGP at age 40," Dovizioso recently revealed at a Ducati event in Rome.

Dovizioso wants to ride motocross in the future [19659009] The Italian explains: "It is in not because I do not think I could do it, but because it is not my goal, everyone decides to live their lives on their own, but Valentino does well: he has the good opportunity to decide whether to continue or not , and at this time without MotoGP, he would feel worse. "

At Rossi, Dovizioso sees a fire and a passion for the sport that drives his compatriots to top performance to this day. "Although he has not won in a few years, he is ready to fight against many strong young people because he enjoys this life, hats, it's right that everyone does what they want, "he says Ducati Pilot.

However, he acknowledges that he ended Rossi's passage for long ago: "Everyone has their own priorities, like my own car driving, and if I won nine world championships, I would no longer be able to do it anymore. He prefers to live this way and stick to it, so everyone has to go their way in this respect. "

Rossi a serious opponent in the World Cup

How Rossi continues his way in the premier class has changed over the years, knows Dovizioso and talks about dealing with defeat." He changed his mentality, he had to do it, and he was intelligent, if he had come closer to racing as he did ten years ago, he would have destroyed himself. "