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Division 2 – How to unlock the dark zone and what you need to know

Dark Zone is considered a major USP in the series "The Division". In the first part, this was considered the most dangerous area, because you never knew how the other agents behave in it. Even in "Division 2" Dark Zone is indispensable. However, there are changes and several classifications. We will tell you how to unlock different zones.

Division 2 "there is not only one, but three dark zones: East, South and West. All areas attract with contaminated but valuable loot. To unlock zones on the map, you have to do different things.

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Division 2
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The Dark Zone and How to Unlock Them

These zones are different locations in Washington DC that are particularly foreclosed, Valuable military equipment was left when people fled from there. To get the equipment you have to meet many and strong PvE opponents and other players who can open the fire at you at any time. There are Loot, which you can equip directly and also Loot, which is too polluted. This must be recovered by helicopter.

Dark Zone East: The largest of the three zones. Here you have a great view of public, overgrown parks.

Dark Zone South: The smallest of the three zones. Here visibility is low and focus is on melee.

Dark Zone West: This zone is divided by a large channel. Here you fight in the middle distance.

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To unlock zones, you must discover the theater deal in the story and expand your own level. The settlement then needs level 3 before NPC is called Senait Ezera moves into the White House and gives you the Dark Zone East reconnaissance mission. You then have to do some sort of tutorial that teaches you how to eliminate the enemies and flies out the contaminated loot. Later in the game you unlock the Dark Zone West and South.

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Division 2
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You should know that

Loot and apostasy: You get Loot from NPC, from other players or about boxes which you can open or break with keys. In the second, however, you will become apostates. These are divided into levels:

  • Apostate: For example, you get this status if you have broken boxes, stolen loot or enabled status itself.
  • Convinced apostate: If you are already lapse and kill other agents, you get that status. From then on you will be marked on the map and can be directed.
  • Human hunting: If you have killed too many other agents, you will be hunted by the hunter. All other players will be notified that a bounty has been made to you.

Loot picked up: The best piece in the dark zone is polluted, so must be picked up by a requested helicopter. It's only when the rope is busy with your loot, this is definitely yours. The quality of the extracted objects always depends on the player himself and is independent of the level of the opponent.

Matchmaking: Matchmaking divides you into groups to make the odds as equal as possible. Twelve players will fit into a session and solo players should preferably meet other solo players, but there is no guarantee.

  • Level 01 – 10
  • Level 11 – 20
  • Level 21 – 30
  • Level 21 – 30
  • World rankings

Now it's time to fool, keep your eyes on your surroundings and think carefully on who you trust!

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