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Disgaea 4 Complete +: new trailer released – GAMEtainment

NIS America unveils a new trailer for Disgaea 4 Complete +. The trailer introduces some of the main protagonists of the game. The game will be released on October 29 for PlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch ™. Players can immediately pre-order "A-Promise-of-Sardines" Day One Edition.

If the corruption that threatens to destroy the way of life in Hades, Valvatorez is at the forefront of a revolution. The former tyrant must find new allies, recruit an army, and learn some sort of political turmoil if he wants to overthrow the corrupt regime and bring all peoples back to peace.

The player experiences a story of revolution and redemption a dark, and simultaneously comical, realm of vampires, werewolves and other devious inhabitants takes place. The detailed combat system thus ensures that the player is best equipped for combat with the opponents.
Key Features:

A Bloodless Coup: The player leads the incomparable Valvatorez, a vampire found in Prophecy , and the awful group of werewolves, angels, failed existences through a story of love, loss and … Presidential politics!?

Disgaea to all eternity: Level 9,999? No problem. Custom Maps? The player can make it possible! Fighting other players on a pirate ship? Why not !? New social-online features were made available after launch.

And that's not all: 30 freely switchable characters, additional story campaigns and a modern adaptation of the Disgaea formula. Disgaea 4 Complete + offers the best Disgaea experience of all time.

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