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Digital Auction Responds to Music »Leadership

New Tele.ring Campaign: Digital Inclusion Responds to Music »Leadership

Tunnel23 created KI-based Digital Out Of Home campaign

For the Rückkehr des "schlauen Hits" from tele.ring, the digital creative agency Tunnel23 has planted and produced a campaign that aims to create creative artificial intelligence (AI) in ready digital out of home (DOO). Visitors to the Danube centers and the Shopping City Süd (SCS) could be found, telephoning seven-socket on digital screen screens was added to their favorite heat.

The passers-by have to pre-download the screen to their smartphone. Sven responded to the played track and finger and moved appropriately to music – from Hip-Hop Moves to Headbanging. Technically feasible means of acquiring an audio interface that acknowledged KI's music genre-related trades. All dance choreographies became a complex one by the Team of Tunnel23 with [uptodateDOOcampaignsubscriptionsthankstoartistintelligenceformoreattentionandsupport"saysJoannaKleinSeniorBrandManagementTelecommunications

Silvia Lopez, E-Commerce Performance Lead Tele.ring, T-Mobile Austria, Explains: "A compelling digital experience doesn't end up in the smartphone, has yet to be felt. With this case, we say end-of-life, new technologies on creative art in all livelihoods were able to be solved and underlined because of our leading role as a digital attachment." [as]



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