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Dieting: Interval, low carb or simple fasting

Lost weight: which diet is best?

Every day we hear about new diets successes with some weight loss methods. As an ordinary mortal, it is hardly possible to distinguish which diet is best for itself. Therefore, consumer advocates have taken the scepter in hand and examined the most common dietary variants. They have come to the following conclusions:

Unhealthy Obesity

Given that obesity or obesity can lead to health problems such as high blood pressure and increased risk of cardiovascular disease, there are really many reasons to get rid of extra pounds. If you want to lose weight you will find many tips and methods online that will help you lose weight. Consumer center Hessen has taken a closer look at some of them. See the summary of the results in our video.

Miracle drugs to help lose weight

"Getting a few pounds of weight is easy – not getting rid of them", says Wiebke Franz, nutrition expert at Hesse Consumer Agency

"Many diets and dieting products promises quick successes, but can often not keep these promises or are even dangerous, "says the expert.

For example, advertising for so-called "fat burners" promises true wonders: "Loose weight without training – eat everything and lose weight!"

When a product is so famous, alarm clocks should be high. Such supplements often occur on the Internet to lose weight with dangerous and prohibited substances.

But even for harmless substances, it has not yet been proven that you lose a lot with help. The consumer therefore advocates advice against "fat burners", especially products from unsafe sources on the Internet.

It is easy to lose weight – to get rid of excess pounds, not. Consumer advocates explain what can and cannot help with weight loss. (Image: Bild-Fabrik / fotolia.com)

Outgoing dinner

Among those who want to lose weight, the advice is to stop eating after 18:00 widespread.

This is based on it in a night phase without intake of blood sugar levels, which leads to less insulin being released, thereby mobilizing fat from fat pads.

However, the bottom line is the total calorie intake over 24 hours. You can only lose weight if you spend more energy than you provide.

Interval fastening is the trend

Eat eight hours and starve the next 16 hours? Or would you like to speed up two whole days and enjoy the rest of the week without regret?

The advantage of interval breeding is that it hardly gives any changes in everyday life. Those who eat on five days as usual and only on two low and low calories can still accept invitations or go out for dinner.

Comparisons with other diets indicate that interval fast helps to lose weight.

"Still: Five Days to Eat What and how much you think is just meaningful if you make the overall food choice healthier," says Franz.

Less Carbohydrates – Less Fat

When it comes to successful weight loss methods, it is often Low -Carb diet highlighted

Studies have shown that diets that reduce carbohydrates can help you lose weight, according to consumer advocates, if you reduce the consumption of fats, you will achieve the same long-term success.

But beware: Those who basically or completely refrain from carbohydrates cannot keep this in the long run The result: the pounds are quickly returned with the old eating habits.

Significantly less white bread, pastries, snacks and sweets and more vegetables to consume products from all over grain and protein-rich foods can help to lose weight and that

Low-fat or low-sugar feeds are not automatically caloric [1 9659002] As the consumer center is explained more, fatty acids or low sugar matrices are not automatically low in calories.

You just need the same category compared to regular foods containing at least 30 percent less sugar or fat.

Manufacturers often replace the omitted nutrient with other ingredients that often also provide energy, or with flavors, sweeteners and fillers.

"Did you know that many people are supposed to absorb less calories, get access to the supposedly light product more?" Franz asks.

"Put on natural light weights rather than potatoes instead of french fries. Then you consume fewer calories even without expensive special products." (Ad)

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