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Dieter Bohlen: Offspring at the Bohlen Clan – does the DSDS star call him Kollegah?

Hammer News: There are offspring from Dieter Bohlen.

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Dieter Bohlen announces Mega-News on Instagram: "Bohlens offspring!" Now all you have to do is get a suitable name – Will the DSDS jury call the little colleague Kollegah?

  • Dieter Bohlen already has six children from three women
  • The DSDS judge announced the unexpected news via the video: "Offspring at Bohlens!"
  • does Dieter Bohlen call the offspring after the rapper Kollegah?

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1; DSDS lawyer Dieter Bohlen is a family man. The 65-year-old Poptitan is a sixteen-year-old father and incredibly proud of his children. Now he announced via video letter on Instagram Hammer News: There are again offspring in the house Bohlen, who reported nordbuzz.de *. Maybe Dieter Bohlen also calls him w that is, the well-known rapper Kollegah !

Dieter Bohlen: DSDS jury member has six children of three women – Now the plan can get new offspring

From Dieter Bohl's first Married to Erika Sauerland, whom he married in 1983, the two oldest boarding zone Marc and Marvin and daughter Marielin come out . After the two had separated again in 1989, the infamous relationship with Nadja Abd el Farrag and the short marriage with Verona Veronika Feldbusch (today Pooth) followed.

With Estefania Küster, DSDS juror member from 2001 until 2006 Although the two have never married, but from the relationship comes from their son Maurice Cassian. Again and again, rumors about private life and the realm of Dieter Bohlen are circling. On Instagram, the producer now ventilated his breath, as reported by nordbuzz.de *: "All fake!"

Family growth with DSDS jury member: Dieter Bohlen and his Carina call him rapper Kollegah?

Ever since autumn In 2006, Dieter Bohlen and Carina Walz, 30 years younger, are a couple. Together they have two children: Dotter Amelie, born 2011 and son Maximilian, born 2013. Anyone who believes that family planning in Bohlens home is finished with this is a big mistake. In "Dieters Tagesschau" Pop-Titan announced on Instagram now Hammer News: "Offspring on Bohlens!"

The 65-year-old DSDS jury merely exaggerated his physical activity with his Carina. Dieter Bohlen and girlfriend Carina – puppy "Rocky" rapturously

The joy is great in Bohlens home: . However, Dieter complained about back pain, reported by nordbuzz.de *

Offspring of DSDS lawyer Dieter Bohlen and girlfriend Carina – After a long search, Papa Dieter has finally found the perfect dog for her children. The white Fellknäul, originally called "Rocky", not only enchanted Poptitan's offspring, but also his Instagram followers. Welcome to the plank, Rocky! Or Kollegah?

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