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Deutliche Kritik and Erlass aus Bildungsministerium «kleinezeitung.at

Umweltorganisationen became the Ministry of Education for "nicht begrippen"

13.34 hr, March 22, 2019


Criticism of the Ministry of Education's transition to the Climate Demos of the "FridaysForFuture" Movement comes from the Umweltorganisation Greenpeace and Global 2000. In the Rundschreiben It is to be agreed that a demo-service will not be able to prevent legitimate obstruction. ", such as Climate Speaker of Global 2000, Johannes Wahlmüller a junior. Here's the protest of the scholars for climate protection, have "neglected."

Also some Greenpeace speakers Luke Hammer : "It's been shattered, the quick-blue Schritte government was quick. puts on critical pupils and pupils mouth-wateringly, while remaining in climate policy most ignorant, the government has ignored the striking pupils and pupils, then Minister of the Environment Köstinger has persuaded him to humiliate himself and, to date, protests have been abolished. "[19659013] Neuer Erlass

In a new room, the Ministry of Education shows the educational departments in the country, east of the Climate Demos there "Free daysFor Future" umzugehen. Schools and societal engagement have not been singled out. In addition, it is recalled that a demo-attack does not justify its legitimate obstruction of obedience. The Schüler Demos can be found in soaring countries of the world and also in Austria. The scholars refrain from lucrative, rapid goals of climate change.

In the Education Directives, they have been given subordinate appeals, which should become demos relations, such as the Secretary-General of the Ministries, Martin Netzer to APA. "Until it is clear that both are important: School only and commitment. Soul must say, both come to one cabin." Those claims the scholars say are fully valid: "We find the great, if articulated word." In the first place the school did not mention the correct addressee.

Demo unnecessary for remaining

The lawful situation said final provided in the class: "Gemäß Paragraph 43 Schulunterrichtsgesetz (Schugunterrichtsgesetz) (Schugunterrichtsgesetz (Schug)) is the Schüler obliged , visit the Office during the time of the arrest. " Staying on the ground and taking a demo, these laws put the law in place for any legal ground for a legitimate obstacle. Auch der Klassevorstand bzw. Director may not, as a student, give birth to the victim of "important reason" . Fragile newspapers have regular education work.

"Being the facilitator of pupils and pupils in the" World Climate Demonstrations ", it was hoped that these demonstrations will find their way into free time " in the Schreiben. "Then those Scholars were heard", said Netzer. Directors and lecturers should provide such information and advice. He gave birthdays. It is desired to avoid the situation suggesting that demolitions in extremist cases were punished by mishaps.

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