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Daniela Katzenberger: father-in-law Costa had to return to the clinic!

Actually, the Costa Cordalis should be better again. Holidays Daniela Katzenberger wanted to spend with the whole family. But then her father-in-law has to go back to the hospital …

The bad news about Schlager's bull Costa Cordalis (74) does not want to stop. On Easter morning, son-in-law Daniela Katzenberger (32) shared a snapshot of her Instagram story. On it to see: Costa, son Lucas Cordalis (51) and the little Sophia (3). But the picture looks suspiciously like the hospital. Costa looks fragile, his smile forced. Do we have to worry again?

Already in early April, a photo of the Costa round made worrying fans. Was he back in the hospital? In the video below you can find out what it is about:

  Is father-in-law Costa back in the hospital bed? This photograph gives cause for concern


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Due to weakness in the hospital

In mid-February, Costa had suffered a weaker attack and was taken to Germany after a trip to Germany directly in its adopted country in Mallorca. According to Daniela and Lukas, he had water breaks throughout his body and just didn't want to rest. The scene is, to say, his life, Lukas explains later in an interview with RTL.

The cat gives the clear

Why he must return to medical supervision at Easter, the family wants to be private. Compared to "bild.de", Daniela just said: " Lange was not clear how it goes. But now it is clear that he will succeed. Today he wanted spaghetti bolognese and chocolate, which we brought with him. have taken good care of them, he has already trumped loudly, Anita "through the hospital."

We wish you a quick recovery and many more hours with the family where Costa can crush his old hits.

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