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Cyberpunk 2077: 50 minute game on E3

No Long Foreword: At E3 2019 in San Francisco, the developers of CD Projekt RED once again show that they are currently traveling at unprecedented heights. Of course we are talking about Cyberpunk 2077 currently struggling for the price of the game with Watch Dogs Legion. Behind closed doors we once again saw 50 live minutes from Night City, cyberpunk 2077. Our travel guide: Level Designer Miles Tost, knows the attentive reader from our mega-interview last year.

Brigitte wanted desperately

"What we show you today has never been seen outside the studio," says Miles Tost. And literally, because we are the first group to see the game. "Today we want to show you mainly game mechanics, and "Hero V, this time in the masculine version, has already unlocked some benefits, but still needs to find out what biochip in the head is about. Spoiler Alert: It carries the mystery of immortality in itself. Johnny" Keanu " Silver hand walks around in our heads, a bit like Cortana at the head.
What we show you today has never been seen outside the studio

"You are looking for Brigitte, the leader of Voodoo Boys," explains Miles Tost. this gang, who mainly deletes in Pacifica: This neighborhood block was once the rich and beautiful, but for all reasons, all investors hoped after leaving all kinds of unfinished buildings where all kinds of dubious residents b Unseen it should be seen at an angle in the other five districts. Unlike the guys we did last year with their robot, Voodoo Boys certainly have a reputation among the locals.

Good qualities

A quick look at character creation: We are looking for our background to start the game or life out – Nomad, Street Kid and Corporate are the three variants. Add to this the adaptations already presented last year: sex, eye, nose, ears, mouth, chin, beard, outer cabling, hairstyle, skin and eyes.

"It may change in the last game, but we wanted you to show what is currently possible," says Miles Tost. To do this, we usually pack role-plays in the attributes of physics, intelligence, reflexes, technical understanding and coolness. Here it is wise to choose, because new ways or dialogue options depending on the distribution of attributes will be opened later.

Cyberpunk 2077: Official Gameplay Preview of E3 2019

Universal translator included

Let's start: The interface is pleasantly limited, just a card at the bottom left and any ammunition delivers in the battles to the right, obscure view of Night City, and it's wonderful: Outside the sun sets slowly when we pit us through a weakly lit church where a funeral takes place, we could listen to the creole-speaking speaker, but look for a contact who can take us s to Brigitte, because the Voodoo Boys are the best hackers and Netrunner in town.

Our contact person speaks to us shortly thereafter, and we can answer him in three ways. We finish the friendliest and ask him about Brigitte. Of course it is not here – instead we should fall by Placide, who is in a butcher on Carne Street – hah! – works. He has a new job for us. Fleischer, it's a pretty technical profession in 2077: "He makes synthetic meat, genuine is a real luxury item," explains Miles Tost. Incidentally: An eye implant takes over Creole translation, which also uses our contact – which increases the authenticity and feeling powerfully.

I sell these beautiful leather jackets

We meet Placide in his shop and after a short conversation he asks us to follow him – probably to his office. On the way he tells some stories about Pacifica, especially about the Great Imperial Mall, GIM for short. Even this was never finished, but since last week was occupied by a gang: The animals. With raytracing sunset and views of Ferris wheel, mountain shores and water, we imagine what would have become in this district.
Cyberpunk 2077 is a real RPG – including craftsmanship

"In the semi-manufactured buildings there are also many markets where you can buy electronic goodies and other goods, says Miles Tost. As a store we end and Placide has a chat with one friend. We take the time to look at the monitors: RPG compliant is purple, blue, green and gray depending on their rating.

We grab the Daemon Deadlock software upgrade, a new ninth run, because our hero uses his head instead for his Muckis to overcome obstacles, add it a nice leather jacket, which we cook in the inventory.In addition to clothes and tricks, we also see some attributes – as well as other riders called Level, Reputation, Equipment, Character, Map and Quests. Cyberpunk 2077 is a real RPG – including craftsmanship.

Cyberpunk 2077: Cinematic trailer from E3 2019 shows … Keanu Reeves

Off to queue pcentret

Arriving at Placid's office he opens us to join our "brain hardware". "This is actually a big taboo," says Miles Tost, "but Placide is your only chance to join Brigitte." So we agree, which annoyingly commented by Johnny. Placide checks out the deeds from the 2018 E3 demo and recognizes the mystery chip, but which we distract smartly. Some answers are readable, but grayed out, because we have not done enough points in the necessary features and benefits.

Now Placide shows our goal: to find out what happens to the strange delivery, the animals have parked in the mall. Meanwhile, another Voodoo Boy comes to the office, Placide but chased away again. "Meetings like these you can often comment on or ask questions," says Miles Tost. "This can release new options or dialogues." Meanwhile, Placide has linked our implants to the network of his gang, which he wants to support in our mission – hurray, now we have two voices in our heads. Ultimately, cinematically, dark electronics sound sounds out of the speakers that emphasize the plot. Schick.

Sunset in Pacifica

It looks good on the road to the mall outside, as we travel by motorcycle for the time being. "Global Illumination paired with our Dynamic Light System", comments Miles Tost shortly. Incidentally, in the last match we are allowed to control other vehicles and choose between a number of radio stations that put us in the right mood. GTA sends greetings.
Global Illumination ready with our Dynamic Light System

Pacifica is the southernmost of the six Neighborhoods, through which we move completely without loading screens. "Because of walking activity, he is a little less busy than the others," says Miles Tost, who guides our bike past burning barricades whose smoke is volumetrically illuminated by the sunlight and our motorcycle lights.

In front of the mall there are two Placide guards, recommend us to take back the entrance. Well listened: Your voices and voices have a little more echo as we talk in a deserted parking lot, bounce the sound waves into our voices against the surrounding concrete walls and throw them back. We could go to the mall from the front, but Placide does not recommend it. Okay.

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