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Criticism of the Freedom from the Vatican City «DiePresse.com

Vienna / Cologne. The German church law Thomas Schüller criticizes the acquittal of the highest Vatican chair for the Austrian father Hermann Geissler in a case of abuse. According to Schüller, it was a "scandalous decision" that the apostolic signature acquitted the priest after a preliminary investigation of allegations of sexual harassment without having heard the woman in question.

The preliminary investigation was "not according to legal requirements" because only the accused had been heard, Schüller said. But above all, with alleged sexual crimes, the most important thing is to listen to both sides. The Roman judges had violated the most fundamental case law principles. Geissler was acquitted on Wednesday of allegations of sexual harassing a nun in a 2009 confession. (APA)

("Die Presse", edition, 20.05.2019)

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