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Court of Auditors criticizes missing control over "DiePresse.com

Rechnungshof has said that the report of the Party Academy of the Year 2012 to 2017 is publicizing – and criticizes the transparency of transparency and lack of control at the Academy's public hand. Nationalrat represents fractions for their educational devices. "These statutory aims are: to promote the state-owned education", the Court of Auditors concludes. The corruption of these tasks derives from the Federal Chancellery.

Federal Chancellor of the Academy's investigation

However, control arrangements were lacking, the Court of Auditors said. The Bundesregierung and the Federal Chancellor, as Fordergeber, had no direct rights, which control the academies ̵

1; etwa is for its very own right in the Commercial Training of the Academy. Following the Court's ruling in 2014, this point criticized, the Federal Chancellor in 2015 also dismantled an initiative for the amendment of the Public Prosecution Ordinance, in which the Academy's dispute is regulated. Unemployment is not changed.

Rechungshof wrote an information note to the effect that the Federal Chancellor told the report that passed the Academy a year ago, not tested. more critical point: the unjustified question, with the academia degradation, had created factions that separate from the Nationalrat. In the daycare room – 2012 to 2017 – take part in the same party: the BZÖ, the Team Stronach and the green ones. Overall, the educational institutions had completed 2017 at € 1.73 million.


         The Renner Institute belonged to the SPÖ, the Political Academy of the Netherlands, Note. "Title =" The Renner Institute belongs to the SPÖ, the Political Academy of the Netherlands, NB. "/>

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 The Renner Institute belonged to the SPÖ, the Political Academy of the Netherlands, Note. "Title =" The Renner Institute belongs to the SPÖ, the Political Academy of the Netherlands, NB. "/>
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As soon as the Nationalrat flies, there is no need for accused vanity for that academy – albeit mocking those concerned academies do not know more about the Federal Chancellor and the Court of Justice. The Court of Appeal is accused of using the original chewed Fardermittel after the last release and a statement of the question, whether intermittent dermal glands were relieved or not.

FPÖ funded counseling services at the institute , they have been noticed with these rightful claims. If Fördermittel were ordained by laws or regulations, they were reprimanded in the Federal Chancellor – the Court of Appeal did not recommend the Federal Government, in these cases, an appropriate procedure:

  • The Bildungsinstitut der FPÖ (FBI) schloss 2015 a treaty for reasoning ab. In the past, the party's debate was in ready European and foreign policy and in political politics issues. "The attachment of party consent requests is extensive", holds the Court of Account.
    At the FBI, in the event of events, "international training" covers the accounting court with "extensive specimens", which have a direct direct correlation with the events. 19659015] The Grüne Bildungswerkstatt funded projects Dritter – one of the young people of Greenland -, said the only cooperative around the world, who noticed the Rechnungshof.
    In addition, the education firm financed six out of 80 of the Court of Auditors cases cases, among which did not contain "federation" – were legally enforceable. "Team Stronach Academy" on. The Species were "cousin – who have been guided by the guidelines – to support an unmistakable connection with the educational work", notes the Court of Justice.
  • For the National Assembly 2013, it financed "Zukunftsakademie Österreich" des BZÖ mit Their distant 16,000 orange-colored Schreibblöcke and 1000 card games – all with the BZÖ-Wahlslogans showdown with the photo of Spitzenkandidat Josef Bucher. The seven came into play in the electoral campaign, reports the Court of Justice.
    Im Vorfeld von Wahlen also saw speeches and candidate analyzes – about 101,000 euros. "These words do not become public and were not directives", is reported in the report court. Dr.-Karl-Renner-Institut ( SPÖ ), the Political Academy of the ÖVP the educational institution of the FPÖ, the Green Education Workshop, the " Neos Lab – the Liberal Forum ", the" Team Stronach Academy "and the" Zukunftsakademie Österreich "(BZÖ) Förderung für die" staatsbürgerliche Bildungsarbeit ". The Party Academy of the List Jetzt – the Academy of Public Affairs – receives only slight deterioration in the time frame.

    Stronach Academy Our Solution

    The "Team Stronach Academy" still ended the parliamentary 2017, resuming. Academia lectures and ex-affiliated Ulla Weigerstorfer will be present at the Academy in May. As far as the Bundesrat and the Bundelands are concerned, the Team Stronach's more intense minds were a further execution of the Academy was impossible, the Weigerstorfer damals the "Wiener Zeitung". Weigerstorfer then went off a resolution to the end of the year.

    The "Team Stronach Academy" enters beyond the "Frank & Frei" report, which stands on the Fahnen, a "unabashed freestyle education medium without a sight on those premiered political correctness" “Said. Zu dem Verlag belongs to an gleichnamiges Onlinemagazine; dont be overlooked past weeks of article. The book range of the publishers says that in 2018, "Wegweiser für eine zivilisierte Gesellschaft": "The Question of All Questions: Where do we come, where we are?", The author is Frank Stronach. If Karin Kneissl published our time as a Turkish-ministerial minister at "Frank & Frei".

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