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Clouds over Houston: Also, in the day, four warm showers

Houston – In the daytime, the exhaust a fever in a tank warehouse for beer products near Houston (US state of Texas) fights the Feuerwehr with no raw and flame. Another exploration of meteorologists has borne the Wetterlage, the effect of clouding on the population is low.

All scenarios were six under the limits of a health hazard, the affected companies dealt with on Monday (Local Time). Out of the box, Ursache hatched a tank of 15 tanks from Intercontinental Terminals Inc., dealing with beer and gas products. Inwardly, however, Angaben's subordinate tanks have been concerned, eight have yet to catch Feuer. Connections are received from Netz. On this point, it was necessary to avoid explosions in the system

If a tank as an excuse?

An appealing sea-light instruction, our homeowners are not reluctant to abandon any tears and windows shut CNN posted on Monday. Also, pre-empted closed booths and a blocked Autobahn can be accessed at:

Interests are speculated on this issue. The short-term job title Houston Chronicle reports to anonymous Mitarbeiter under the occupation of the Tank said. A system that automatically switches to storage in cases should not enable the display. Official launches of work are uncertain

Since 1972 in Deer Park, chemistry works may still entail up to 2.2 million cubic meters of beer and gas in a total of 242 on the loaded containers. ITC maintains a second work in Californian Pasadena. (APA / dpa)

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