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City lock Drauradweg due to flood risk «kleinezeitung.at

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Villach: Attention: City lock Drauradweg due to flood risk «kleinezeitung.at

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Due to the heavy snow blends and heavy rains, the town of Villach ends up in parts of the southern Drauradweg.

15:06, June 12, 2019

Drava's water level is currently dangerously high © kk

The heavy snow melting and sometimes heavy rain has caused the water height of Drau to rise sharply in recent days. According to the forecasts for the coming hours, the water may rise further.

Therefore, the city of Villach immediately ordered the lock on the south-lined pedestrian and cycle path in the area between the pedestrian bridge at the congress center down to Peraustraße (elevation "Betten Reiter").

The water content is continuously checked by the Villach Villach staff . The length of the lock cannot be predicted.

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