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Causal situation was "short of power"

The new Burgtheater director Martin Kusej had "the confirmation that you are right here on the robbery. So you could be attacked in concrete terms." This is stated in a large interview with the German weekly newspaper "Die Zeit", in which he also expresses himself to the current political situation in Austria.

"I have no scruples at all, against any tendencies in the FPÖ or the AfD loud and unambiguous," says Kusej. He notes, however, "a clear sinking of the threshold of violence, to scruples and disrespect, to the dictatorship of the opinion of the 'People'. I experienced that at the art auction 'For Forest' in Klagenfurt; then the Swiss art dealer Klaus Littmann Wald in a football stadium. It is inconceivable that this man is attacked by a clique of right idiots and provinces. "

He believed," there is a danger of being crushed. I am horrified, "said the 58 -Jährige. "If you question the readiness of violence that emerges from the blogs and social media, then you realize that they are really serious. And that you are in a situation that was earlier, just before the seizure of power. I would not have thought for ten years, that I was thinking about something like that. It seems damn good that it is at all possible in the realm of the possibility. "

He would have moved his position" firmly, but I have no desire, to become a martyr. a little bit more insured and annoyed that there is probably no one to help, "said the Burg-director.

He believed," that one cannot ultimately be intellectual to these people. It is purely artistic not to be. If there is a question at some point: Do you have a dummy in your hand, or does it have a dummy in your hand? " The Kusejs Burgtheater-Dirktion is opened for a few days with a "baking" rendition of Ulrich Rasche, when the god Dionysos is shown to be the right seducer, threatening with his martial arising the Theben-Herrscher Pentheus built constitutional state "[1

9659]. We are, after all, fearless, because God said, thanks to ever living in democratic circumstances and because we can relentlessly, that in case of violence, we protect a state, "Kusej said in the interview released on Thursday. "It would be alarming to say, if this right government is trying to shake up the rule of law. But all of them had to do this on the barricades."

"No one could say later: That we had not known! we experienced, we knew very clearly, had come – and we were nothing. " Although there was an intellectual opposition such as André Heller, Michael Köhlmeier, Robert Menasse and Franz Schuh, "but because so many artists give here, the Opposition is easy to read. You have to constantly maintain – until they hit the bar and then you can't say anything more. "

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