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The sale begins for the new flagship

As of tomorrow, OnePlus 7 Pro is available worldwide in the manufacturer's online store. (c) OnePlus <! – There is also an invitation for marketing where new smart phone buyers can place an old device in payment. As of tomorrow, OnePlus 7 Pro is available worldwide in the manufacturer's online store. There is also another built-in action where buyers of …

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Rail Nation – Origin Journey publishes light

Travian Games and Bright Future public day for the MMO-Eisenbahn Simulation Rail Nation ein umfangreiches Inhaltsupdate. With "19459003] Rail Nation – Origin Journey" can not (by no means) discover Eisenbahnfans from nowadays on Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our more than six-year-old Travian Games were the starting point for the start of ] Rail Nation, the only one MMO-Eisenbahn Simulation. Seither …

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Inclusion in the WHO catalog: Online gambling addiction recognized as a disease

When daddling on a computer becomes more important than friends, working or sleeping, doctors talk about an abuse. WHO now contains gambling addiction in its catalog. By Dietrich Karl Mäurer, ARD-Studio Zürch More than 34 million Germans play computer and video games according to the association for the German gaming industry. Only a small fraction – less than one percent …

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So fast, the PlayStation 5 games are running

Flüssigeres Games At PlayStation 4 ( PS4 ) the loading of a batch of 8 seconds lasts: Includes Level of Coming PS5 loaded more frequently as a second. In addition, the upcoming console can better handle dynamic maps. So the level will be built in the background, while the player moves darin. For example, it was possible to say the …

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Google locks app for electric cars: Italian authorities decide | Internet companies | sectors

Italian competition watchers are investigating Google, because the group has not included a map app for the Enel tool in it intended for use in the vehicle platform Android Auto. The antitrust authority AGCM is therefore suspected of abusing a dominant position in favor of Google's own mapping. The "Enel X Recharge" application indicates charging stations near electric cars. Google …

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