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Twitter abolishes master, slave, blacklist & whitelist

Hans-Christian Dirscherl In the future, important IT terms such as master, slave, blacklist & whitelist will be missing on Twitter. It is behind it. ENLARGE Twitter abolishes master, slave, blacklist & whitelist © Daniel Krason / Shutterstock.com Twitter abolishes “Master”, “Slave” and “Blacklist” and “Whitelist”. However, this does not mean the technical principles or functions behind these conditions. But only …

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Hyper Scape – the slightly different kind of royale shooter?

A few days ago, Ubisoft introduced the new and free Battel Royale shooter Hyper Scape for Xbox. This should be different from the myriad competitors such as Fortnite, Apex or Call of Duty Warzone mainly through new gaming concepts. In keeping with the announcement, there was also a gameplay trailer and some additional information. The game is scheduled to be …

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Chrome update extends laptop battery life by up to 2 hours

A new Chrome update extends battery life by up to 2 hours. Usually, the browser is known as an energy eater – especially when several tabs are open. An “experimental feature” in Chrome 86, as TheWindowsClub writes, reduces energy consumption while reducing the JavaScript timer for background processes. Scripts are updated only once per minute. Google runs tests Google is …

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Google Chrome inherits a Safari feature that extends battery life by up to 2 hours

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Curevac: Tesla builds mobile molecular printers for corona vaccine

Curevac has confirmed to Reuters that it is developing mRNA production units that are so mobile that they can be sent and set up at remote locations for local vaccine production. The benefit: If his vaccine candidate receives marketing authorization, appropriate amounts of drug doses can be produced immediately. Stellenmarkt AKKA, Ingolstadt CompuGroup Medical SE & Co. KGaA, Osnabrück Ribonucleic …

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