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Kevin Spacey in court: Charge dropped

Kevin Spacey in court The trial of Kevin Spacey for sexual harassment is closed.              <img src = "http://taz.de/picture/3566779/624/23404944.jpeg" alt = "Kevin Spacey is surrounded by his lawyers in the Nantucket Court in Nantucket Photo: Reuters The trial of former House of Cards actor Kevin Spacey for allegations of sexual harassment is closed, Massachusetts prosecutors reported Wednesday, all claims against …

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Robin Williams son Zak talks about his father's death

Updated July 19, 2019 at 9:09 am Five years ago, actor Robin Williams took his own life. Now his son, Zak Williams, talks about what his father left in the world. See more star news here It has been five years since actor Robin Williams died at the age of 63. His son Zak Williams now spoke in an interview …

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Andrea Berg: Maite Kelly says the home team

This message was a real feeling: Andrea Berg, the queen of the German Schlager, planned to present her wonderful support story, Maite Kelly, to her fans at the big home! But last night it was different … © Gerhard Wingender / Schlager.de While about 15,000 visitors to the mechatronics arena were waiting for their idol Andrea Berg, an artist said …

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The moon lands on the neighbors – thereStandard.at

In the summer of 1969 my brother and I sat for weeks with our daughters' daughters in the garden under walnut and played DKT . Susi and Anneliese have been working on their ears, more specifically their alleged protruding ears. At that time, it was modern to be able to work in the ears, whether or not the ears stood …

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