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"Never more black and blue": Thousands of demos in Vienna

One week before the Nationalrat election, thousands of people demonstrated against a new edition of the ÖVP-FPÖ coalition on Saturday afternoon. In addition to NGO representatives and trade unions, politicians from SPÖ, NU and the Greens participated in the march on Mariahilferstraße to Heldenplatz, on which a poster with the inscription "Never more black-blue" was worn. The organizers of the …

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For short part of the negotiations «kleinzeitung.at

<! – -> <! – -> Kickl as a Klubobmann ?: For short part of the negotiations «kleinzeitung.at <! – -> AccessControl ac = AccessControl.getAccessControl (request);          Apps Load here: Meine Region Region of the Ender Carinthia Styria Austria International Sports Politics Wirtschaft Culture Leute Better life Wohnen Karriere Mobilitaet Service ÖVP chief Sebastian Kurz, although Herbert Kickl would not …

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By car skips: 21-year-old alcoholics injured

The 21-year-old drove 5:50 hours with his passenger on the B145 from Bad Ischl coming towards Ebensee. In Ebenseer Ortsteil Langwies, he reached 49.39 altitude on the road miles above a bushing of the roadway. His passenger flew over and came to lie on the roof. The 21-year-old was able to self-liberate and hire another traffic officer who started the …

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Losing is prohibited here for two top clubs – Bregenz –

21.09.2019 09:52                (Act. 21.09.2019 09:52)                © VMH Under the motto: "Forbidden to lose" stands the prestigious, with much excitement, the expected after-hours duel between the table quarter SW Bregenz and Fünften FC Wolfurt.          If both Spitzenvereine in Vorarlberger amateur football continue to rise in a race for a starting place for the Meister Play-off, it is worth …

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Vienna's hospital: the heavy burden of guest patients

Statistics A total of exactly 400 959 inpatients, 3.1 million outpatient visits and 147,969 day care workers with surgeries (eg cataract) were counted at Vienna's community hospital in 2017. Currently, there are nine hospitals in the hospital association. Examples of radiotherapy The proportion of patients living in Vienna's municipal hospital is very high in oncological radiotherapy: 25 to 30 percent …

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Bone tissue resembles waxing a liquid

Vienna / Potsdam – To become a permanent support to our bodies, bone has very different properties, a research team with Austrian involvement in the science magazine "Science Advances" reports. During growth, the bone tissue resembles a liquid in a certain way: under certain conditions, it forms the structures that are reminiscent of surfaces of water droplets. Source link

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